Add a Bath Lift for Safety, Comfort, and Convenience

Operated by battery, a bath lift is a device that makes the process of entering and exiting the bath easier, and even facilitates lowering you into the water. Whether you are trying to make life easy for yourself, or you are a caretaker for someone else, having a bath lift makes the process of bathing that much easier.

A Bath Lift Improves Bathing Safety and Comfort

For many people, taking a bath presents multiple dangers:

  • The step over the top is too high.
  • Sitting down in the water is challenging, as older bones do not always cooperate.
  • Getting up from this sitting position is difficult.
  • Climbing out of the tub poses additional slipping and falling hazards.

While a bath lift allows a person to easily get in and out to the tub, the best part is how it enhances the bath. Once the devices lowers you into the water, you can sit upright or, with many devices, even recline in the water at several angles. Using a waterproof remote, the device lowers you to within two or three inches of the bottom and raises you up about 18 inches, so that you can get out of standard or deeper tubs. Some models raise up as high as 23 inches to accommodate deeper soaking tubs.

Portable and Easy to Operate

To protect you from being stranded in the bathtub, many devices will not lower you into the bathtub unless there is enough battery power left to pull you up. Recharging the device is a simple matter of plugging it in overnight. Some devices have optional swivel seats to make getting on the bath lift and into the tub even easier.

One advantage of a bath lift is that they are relatively lightweight (about 20 pounds) and portable. This means that you cannot only take them to a new home, but even take them with you when you are traveling. The device quickly reassembles without tools.

More Affordable Than Alternatives

The alternatives to this bathing solution pose their own set of problems. For example, a walk in bathtub, a luxurious alternative to a bath lift:

  • Can cost well over $10,000 by the time the unit is properly installed.
  • May involve straightening the floor support.
  • Use so much water that it may require a separate or larger water tank.
  • Is built into the home and not portable.

Neither bath lifts, nor walk in tubs are typically covered by Medicare. In contrast to a costly walk-in tub, bath lifts start at about $400, which puts them in a range of affordability for many people. Even a more costly model is well worth the investment, as the ability to manage in the bathtub allows you to stay in your home and live independently for a longer time, while increasing your enjoyment of one of life’s pleasures.

Whether you are considering a walk in bathtub or a bath lift, Western Stair can help you find the best solution; contact us for a free in-home consultation.

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