Why Walk-In Tubs are Great!

When it comes to bathing, you simply can’t get better than our range of walk-in tubs as each and every tub in our great range make bathing a pleasure again!

How Walk-In Tubs Help

Whether you’re getting on in years or whether you suffer from join or muscle aches, getting in and out of a bath tub can be difficult. Quite a few of our customers have also suffered from problems with balance, which has prevented them from getting in and out of a standard tub safely. If getting in and out of a bath dub seems like a daunting task, our range of walk-in tubs offer you the right solution.

Relaxing in a tub is a simple pleasure that’s especially therapeutic for people with aching joints and disabilities. But, many people give up on their standard baths as it is just too difficult for them to get in and out safely. With our range of walk-in tubs anyone can enjoy a spa-like experience in their own home, without the help of a carer.

Our walk-in tubs are safe and easy to use with great features such as low-threshold, leak-proof doors, hydromassage, chromatherapy and aromatherapy functions, and much more.

If you have problems with balance, and getting in and out of an ordinary bath is difficult, our walk-in, sit down baths allow you to enjoy your bath while sitting on a comfortable seat. With a guaranteed leak-proof door, spa option and automatic temperature control.

Walk-In Tubs Give You Independence

At Western Stairlifts we know the difficulties that getting in the tub can cause if you have issues with mobility. That’s why we stock a great range of Bliss walk-in tubs that make bathing a pleasure again. Bliss walk-in tubs are a top of the line bathing solution that give people their independence back.

Ultimate Safety

All of our walk-in tubs feature low-thresh-hold safety doors and non-slip floors that make getting in and out of your tub easy and safe.


You can customize your Bliss walk-in tub and create your own in-home spa. Ease your aches and pains with hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and chromatherapy features.


With a Bliss walk-in tub, you can enjoy a spa-like experience and bathe independently in your own home safely and without any help.
Let us show you how a walk-in tub can give you your independence back by giving us a call on 801-386-2408 or filling in our contact form to schedule your free consultation.

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