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Delivering Vehicle, Scooter and Wheelchair Lifts in Utah

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A wheelchair lift serves as a great alternative to a long ramp at homes and commercial establishments. Similar to an elevator, this lift has a platform that moves wheelchair users safely. When you or your loved one needs a wheelchair lift, turn to Western Stairlifts. We provide quality wheelchair lifts for Utah clients with limited mobility.

Lifts Made for Power Wheelchair Users

Our Harmar Mobility durable wheelchair lifts are a must-have for power wheelchair owners. Our AL580 lift series can easily transport mid-wheel drive (MWD) power chairs and handle capacities up to 350 pounds. On top of that, the lifts we offer require no chair modifications and have a padded hold-down arm to secure a power wheelchair conveniently.

Why Get a Wheelchair Lift?

This type of lift is useful for people with a physical disability, as well as frequent wheelchair users. Using a wheelchair lift is:

• Cost-effective – This lift is an affordable option. It lets people take more control over their lives without investing in major and costly refurbishments that make an area more wheelchair-friendly.
• Compact – Wheelchair lifts won’t occupy too much space in your house. It’s a more attractive option than ramps, which can take up a lot of living space.
• Easy Installation – No cumbersome building materials or lengthy construction periods are required to install these lifts.

Understanding Hitch Classes for the Benefit of Mobility Product Users

Being able to utilize one’s automobile for towing can be of great benefit. For the family that owns a boat or camper, or regularly travels with a loved one who has a mobility scooter or power wheelchair, it is important to understand trailer hitch classes and how to install them correctly.

For automobiles, there are three main hitch classes, all varingy in the type of receiver and the amount of weights that can be pulled.

A Class One (I) receiver has a Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) of up to 2,000 lbs, which is perfect for smaller cars, pickups, or minivans and is generally used to carry bicycle racks, camping racks, and other light towing items. If a small rack is going to be used on this receiver, setting up a wiring harness is unnecessary.

A hitch that is rated as Class Two (II) is able to pull up to 3,000 pounds GTW. This is ideal for larger cars, vans, full-size pickup trucks, and SUVs, and can be generally used to pull a snowmobile trailer, small boat trailer, camper or motorcycle trailer.

A Class Three (III) hitch is able to pull up to 5,000 pounds GTW. This is essential for pulling midsize campers and boats, and can be utilized on midsize pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs. however, this class of hitch may not work on all automobiles.

When determining the appropriate type of hitch for a vehicle, it is important to consider the vehicle’s rating, and its towing capacity should never be exceeded.

Along with the hitch classification, a ball mount is needed as well. There are generally three different styles of mounts, each of which goes into its corresponding receiver for pulling the appropriate trailer load. Using the wrong ball mount may result in an extreme angle between the trailer and the vehicle, causing the trailer to sway and possibly damage both the vehicle and the trailer.

To ensure correct hardware installation for your trailer hitch, we highly recommend that you enlist the help of a reputable and professional installer.


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AL580 – Next Generation Power Wheelchair Lift Spec Sheet

The lightest solution on the market providing more options! The AL580 is a compact, durable and American-made outside vehicle platform lift that safely and securely transports power wheelchairs. With tidy and space efficient rear profile, this lift has a highly desirable and understated presence on the vehicle exterior.

The AL580 is easy to operate and built to last for years of trouble-free use. Designed to meet the needs of consumers who need a quick, automatic securing option without making modifications to their power wheelchair, the stylish and compact detailing of this lift make it a most have for power wheelchair owners.

  • Padded hold down arm conveniently secures power wheelchair
  • No power wheelchair modifications required
  • Lift folds automatically when unoccupied
  • No straps or tie-downs required
  • Manual crank backup & license plate mount included
  • Swing-away option available
  • Lifting Capacity: 350lbs
  • Platform Size: 16.5″ x 27″
  • Installed Weight: 63 lbs.
  • Hitch Height (range): 5″ – 24″ (with appropriate hitch adapter installed
  • Hitch Class: II or III
  • Warranty: 3-Year Transferable

AL100HD – Heavy Duty Universal Scooter Lift Spec Sheet

The AL100 Universal Scooter Lift is today’s most popular outside scooter lift and is now available to accommodate 400 lbs. capacity.

This fully automatic lift offers simple, nearly effortless operation. The unique hold down foot automatically secures virtually any scooter without any necessary scooter modifications.

  • Carries virtually all scooters
  • Automatic hold down foot
  • No scooter modifications
  • Accommodates scooters with a wheelbase of up to 42″
  • Manual crank backup and license plate mount included
  • Swing-away option available
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifting Capacity: 400 lbs. (181 kg.)
  • Aluminum Deck Size: 27.5″ x 39″, adjustable cradle extends up to 47″
  • Installed weight: 84
  • Hitch Height (Range): 5″ – 18″
  • Hitch Class: II OR III
  • Warranty: 3-Year Transferable

AL301XLHD – Heavy Duty Fusion Lift – XL Spec Sheet

The AL301XLHD model offers even more safety and security with a 400 lb. weight capacity.

The Fusion lift’s unique design make it ideal for today’s largest power chairs and scooters.

With its extra large deck and optional adjustable cradles, this lift is by far the biggest and most capable outside lift on the market.

  • Carries larger power scooters or power chairs with no modifications required.
  • Self-tensioning, Q’Straint retractors/front and rear cradles
  • Extra large 36″ x39″ aluminum deck/adjustable cradles extend up to 53″ (optional, no charge item)
  • Manual crank backup and license plate mount included
  • Swing-Away option available
  • Class III hitch adapter standard (AL123X); drop adapter upgrades available.
  • Made in USA
  • Lifting Capacity: 400 lbs. (181 kg.)
  • Aluminum Deck Size: 36″ x 39″
  • Maximum Scooter Width: 35.5″
  • Maximum Scooter Wheelbase: 48″
  • Installed Weight: 102
  • Hitch Height (Range): 5″ – 18″
  • Product Category