At Western Stairlifts, we’re proud to serve as the top provider of stairlifts and other mobility products to clients in need throughout Draper and surrounding areas of Utah. Whether you’re in need of a stairlift to navigate your stairs with ease or have other mobility needs that require a solution, we’ve got you covered.
We understand that having a mobility issue can be frustrating and stressful in its own right, but knowing there’s no one out there willing to help you through your tough times is even worse. At Western Stairlifts, we’re dedicated to providing comfort and peace of mind. Call us today for more information on any of our services.

Value of Mobility Products

Our mobility products provide several primary benefits to clients:

  • Safety in any home setting: With your stairs inaccessible to you, the risk of injury in the home is simply much higher. These products keep you safe by allowing you to navigate your home with ease.
  • Added independence: If you think getting around at home is hard, try venturing out into the big bad world on your own without aid. Mobility products can increase your ability to get around safely and quickly, which is critical for anyone who wants to live life on their own terms.
  • Comfort: If you struggle with pain or discomfort due to your mobility issue, these products can ease the burdens that come with it. Stairlifts come with massage functionality and recliner seats that can help relax your body while helping you move. Other mobility products provide additional comfort during use.
  • Affordability: Especially when compared to other alternatives here, such as home extensions, these products are relatively affordable and decrease in price as you grow older.

Stairlifts And Other Products

We offer all of the following products and services to clients depending on their needs:

  • Stairlifts: Available in straight, curved and outdoor styles, our stairlifts are ideal for clients with mobility issues, allowing them to move from one floor to another with ease.
  • Lift chairs: If you’re dealing with a mobility issue that makes it difficult to get up from the toilet, these lift chairs help allow you to do so with ease.
  • Ramps: This solution is ideal for clients who need extra peace of mind when moving about their homes or going out into the world around them. They can provide added stability when using your stairs and help prevent falls.
  • Mobility scooters: You can use these products to get around your home with ease or on group outings, such as camping. They come in both indoor and outdoor styles for any situation you might find yourself in.
  • Elevators and vertical lifts: Our vertical lifts are ideal for low-floor bedrooms, bathrooms and garages. We install these products in both homes and commercial settings.
  • Vehicle lifts: We offer vehicle lifts for both indoor and outdoor use, making it easy to transport your wheelchair or scooter in and out of your car with ease.

For more on any of our stairlifts or other mobility resources in Draper or any other part of Utah, contact the team at Western Stairlifts today.

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