If you or a loved one in Sandy are in need of any mobility product, from in-home stairlifts to many others, the team at Western Stairlifts is standing by to help. We are the premier dealer of stairlifts in Sandy and throughout Utah, and we can provide you with comprehensive information that will be useful for your situation.
We understand that, no matter how much care you give to your home, at some point, you may need assistance moving around it. This is where our team comes in; we offer a wide range of helpful products that can give you greater independence in your life. This is especially important for seniors, whose mobility is often limited. Contact us today to learn more about what we’ll do for you.

Stairlifts And Other Mobility Products

We’re proud to offer the best stairlifts in the industry in three distinct formats: Straight (for straight stairs), curved (for L-shaped or dogleg stairs), and outdoor (which we offer in both straight and curved varieties). Our stairlifts are battery-operated, ensuring full safety even if there’s a power outage, and can be easily installed in your home by one of our experts.

Our inventory also includes a wide range of other mobility aids designed to help seniors live independently without compromising their well-being. Among these are:

  • Lift chairs: These are perfect for those who want to maintain higher levels of personal comfort and independence. They can recline on demand without the need for manual adjustments, and they come in a variety of styles (including sofa seats) that can be adapted to your existing decor.
  • Mobility scooters: If you’re in need of a way to travel around town, we can provide you with a range of robust mobility scooters that offer maximum degrees of personal freedom.
  • Elevators and vertical lifts: These products offer a safe alternative to stairs, especially if there are multiple stories in your home that you’ll be using. They can help you move around more easily and with greater peace of mind than ever before.
  • Access ramps: For seniors with limited mobility but who still wish to access their house or other locations, we can help you get the assistance that you deserve by providing you with customized ramps.
  • Vehicle lifts: This is an important product for seniors who want to maintain their independence but can’t access their vehicles any longer. It’s a small investment that will yield great dividends, and it’s easy to install.

Our Team

With nearly 20 years as a company under our belts, we know what it takes to provide customers with the high level of service they deserve. No matter which of our services you require, you’ll receive them from our staff of experienced professionals whose only priority is your satisfaction.

With the help of our team, you can experience greater mobility in your daily life to enjoy what matters most to you. You’ll be able to get around effortlessly and without any burdensome obstacles, no matter where you are in Sandy or elsewhere in Utah. If you have any questions about our products or services, please contact us today!

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