Are you a Holladay resident with mobility needs, or a family member or caregiver of someone in this position? Our staff at Western Stairlifts can’t wait to assist you with all your potential mobility product needs and solutions.
From our experience, we have noticed that many people in Holladay are not aware of the benefits and features of modern stairlifts. Stairlifts can provide a much-needed solution to those with mobility issues or other stair-related concerns. We offer a free consultation to anyone in Holladay who is considering a stairlift. Contact us today to learn more!

Our Stairlift Products

Because we know our clients have varying needs that dictate different equipment, we offer several different stairlift options depending on your situation:

  • Straight stairlift: The most common type of stairlift, these are perfect for those with a simple, straightforward staircase. They are meant to be mounted on the stairs themselves and do not require any special installation.
  • Curved stairlift: We also offer customizable curved stairlifts for those with more complex staircases. These are designed to hug the contours of your stairs for a perfect fit.
  • Reconditioned stairlifts: For others who are looking for a more budget-friendly solution, we offer reconditioned stairlifts. These are pre-owned stairlifts that have been meticulously inspected and serviced to work like new.

Other Mobility Products

Stairlifts aren’t even the full rundown of what we offer to our Holladay clients, either. We also offer a few other vital mobility products that are often used in conjunction with a stairlift:

  • Stiltz Home Elevators: We’re a licensed dealer of Stiltz Home Elevators, which are some of the most innovative on the market. These unique elevators are designed to fit in small spaces and don’t require a shaft, pit, or machine room.
  • Vertical platform lifts: Ideal for those who need an ADA-compliant solution for porches, decks, or other raised areas around the home, our vertical platform lifts are a popular choice.

Expert Staff at Your Call

If you or someone you love requires a mobility product, and especially if this is your first time entering this world of options and choices, our expert staff is always just a phone call away. We can help you determine which product would best fit your needs and budget and provide you with a free quote.

For instance, if you’re unsure of what product you need or which one would be the best investment, our team can help. We’ll ask questions about your mobility concerns and daily routines to get a better understanding of your needs. From there, we can make recommendations on which products would be the best solution.

For more on any of our products or services to Holladay clients, or to set up a consultation where we’ll go over your space and help you make the right choice of mobility product, speak to our team at Western Stairlifts today.

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