What Brand of Stair Lift Should You Choose?

Retrofitting your stairs with a stair lift can make it easier to navigate between floors, but what brand should you buy? Is there much of a difference between models? Do features vary much? The short answer is that while almost any type of stair lift can suit your purpose, features among brands and models differ, and a reputable stair lift dealer will help you choose one that fits your needs and budget.

Work with a Reputable Dealer to Find the Right Brand of Stair Lift

When you price stair lifts, you will realize that all of them are costly. Many people who install these devices obtain funding from Medicare or some other source, so while price matters, the differences among brands and features may be worth paying a few extra dollars out of pocket for.

Major stair lift brands include Acorn, Harmar Stairlifts, Stannah Stairlifts, MediTek Stairlifts, Handi-Care (formally Sterling, Minivator), Platinum Stairlifts, Bruno Independent Living Aids, Pride Mobility, and many more. A good dealer should have a handle on what is available in the marketplace, what features are worth paying more for, and which brands have the best track record for reliability. This expertise is why buying a stair lift from a local dealer is wiser than buying one online.

Considerations when Selecting a Stair Lift

Stair lifts offer many features that may make a particular model right for you.

  • What is the weight limit? Some models of stair lifts are meant to accommodate 250 pounds or less, while some can easily accommodate up to 400 pounds. If you find yourself in need of one that supports more weight, your dealer can scope out a model to accommodate you.
  • What position do you want to be in to use the stair lift? Many people sit down to ride it up the stairs, but those with back or knee problems may prefer a model where they can stand or position themselves on a higher seat on the trip.
  • How close can you install the device to the wall? For a tight stairway, models that install as close as 2.5 inches from the wall can maximize room on the stairs. Some models also flip up close to the wall, which makes them less obvious and less intrusive for others who use the stairs.
  • How is the stair lift powered? Some models use AC power, which involves running cables in the installation process. The problem with AC units is that a sudden power failure can leave you stranded on the stairs if you lose power. A DC unit is a better way to ensure reliability without cables.
  • What model best suits the configuration of your stairs? Since you install your stair lift into existing property, the place where you mount the stair lift may be inconvenient. You may want one that curves around at the bottom to provide a better place to get on board. In any case, you want a swivel seat for easier usage.

The right stair lift for you is the one that works well with the layout of your home and that fits your budget and your personal needs. For stair lift sales, installation and support in Utah, contact Western Stairlift for a free in-home consultation.

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