Explore Utah on your Mobility Scooter (Part 2) – The Mighty Five Continued!

There are so many wheelchair and mobility scooter friendly places to visit in Utah, including the stunning Mighty Five. It’s time to start exploring!

In our last post we let you in on a little secret about vacationing in Utah. There’s no need to ever feel limited by your wheelchair or mobility scooter as there are so many exciting places that cater to people who have trouble getting around!

If you missed our first blog about the Mighty Five, click here to read it now. If you’ve been waiting for the second installment, here goes … Join us for a journey around Capitol Reef National Park, Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park to see exactly what they have to offer visitors on mobility scooters and in wheelchairs.

Arches National Park

The massive rock formations at Arches National Park have to be seen to be believed. You’ll have no trouble driving around the park and there are designated parking bays at the main sights. There are so many stunning vistas that you’ll get plenty of exercise getting in and out of your car. Make time to see Park Avenue Viewpoint, Balanced Rock Viewpoint and if you are feeling adventurous, Devil’s Garden Trail is worth a roll. It is more mobility scooter than wheelchair friendly though as it is challenging in parts.

Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park is one of the least accessible of Utah’s Mighty Five, along with Canyonlands. That said, there are still plenty of sights to be seen … just look up and enjoy! You should definitely include this park on your itinerary – it has a visitors center and accessible restrooms, but many of the sights have to be seen from your vehicle. One of our top tips? Don’t forget to visit the Petroglyphs on Highway 24!

Canyonlands National Park

Get ready to take in some stunning views as you drive around Canyonlands and make time to stop at the two overlook points to savor the Island in the Sky. As with the other parks, Canyonlands has a great visitor center and accessible restrooms.

Out and about in Utah

Now we know just how great the Mighty Five can be for the wheelchair or mobility scooter bound, but what’s on offer outside Utah’s national parks. Stay tuned as in our next blog, we’ll be exploring great Utah day trips.

If you’d like to experience the freedom of a mobility scooter, come down to the Western Stairlifts showroom in Midvale, Utah or give the team a call on 801-386-2408.

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