The History of the Stair Lift

If you’ve been reading our blog posts (and we hope you have), you would have read our Henry’s VIII Stair Lift to Freedom blog post, which told you all about King Henry’s servants hoisting him up and down the stairs using ropes and pulleys. That must’ve been hard work for the servants and pretty uncomfortable and jerky for Henry, don’t you think?

As with all new inventions, a clever chap by the name of C.C. Crispin took the idea and ran with it and launched the very first stair lift as we know them in the 1920s. Crispin’s stair lift featured a folding seat and footrest, and moved along a track on the stairs. It had a very cool name too – The Inclinator – which was being produced in bulk by the Inclinator Company of America by the 1930s.

Nowadays, stair lifts are a little more advanced and can be fitted to all kinds of stairs. So, whether your staircase is curved, straight or even outdoors, at Western Stairlifts we have solutions that would definitely impress King Henry himself!

Why you might need a stair lift

If walking up and down the stairs has or is becoming a problem, a stair lift can definitely improve your quality of life and really empower you to regain your independence. We’ve installed many stair lifts and when it comes to us installing a stair lift in your home, you’ll soon come to realize how a Western Stairlift can make your life a lot more comfortable and easier.

What we’ve noticed — especially here in Utah — is that when a stair lift isn’t installed, many people with limited mobility end up living and sleeping downstairs. In some cases, we’ve seen people move out of their homes and move into single-storey or ground floor apartments because the stairs have become too much of a struggle. When compared to these stark options, a stair lift is a definitely practical, plus it’s an economical solution which can help you to stay in your own home.

Come on down to see us and get the full stair lift treatment! Give us a call on 801-386-2408 or filling in our contact form to schedule your free consultation.

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