Setting up Your Home for an Elderly Relative

The idea of putting our elderly loved ones in nursing homes is unique to Western culture, and while it allows us to be more autonomous, difficulties can arise. Living away from your family can leave them feeling disconnected, which is then exacerbated by the physical and mental decline that is commonplace with this age group. It seems we’re failing our elderly when compared to other nations, so consider choosing to move your mom, dad, grandma, grandad, or even aunt or uncle into your home.

Most elderly people are still relatively autonomous and enjoy many simple pleasures such as going for walks and watching television. While it may seem like accommodating them is a chore, your whole family will gain from the experience and may become much closer to each other. As a provider of such things as stair lifts Salt Lake City, we believe in empowering our customers to bring the elderly back home.

Here’s some tips on setting up your home for an elderly relative.

Safety First

The elderly tend to be quite frail and fragile, and safety in the home is a top priority. There are a number of simple and affordable changes you can make without much professional help, including:

  • Add textured, gripping strips in the bathroom and shower
  • Apply a nonslip wax on the floors
  • Buy a waterproof seat or chair for the shower
  • Put nonskid treads on the steps
  • Remove throw rugs and any other mats or rugs which move easily
  • Remove wheels from any chairs they may sit on
  • Replace all of the standard door knobs with lever handles
  • Use bath mats with rubber-backing

You should also consider some of these more major and expensive changes if your elderly relative is particularly fragile or prone to injury.

  • Alter the shower to allow walk in rather than the stepped entry
  • Create zero-threshold entryways in the house
  • Move light switches for easy reach from a wheelchair or bed
  • Widen the doorways and halls

Simply doing these things may not be enough though, you will also need to practice mindfulness around things like leaving the bathroom floor dry after showers etc.


While most elderly people love animals, younger animals can pose some risk to them as they are much more boisterous and unaware of their weight and strength. If you have a young animal in the house you will need to teach them to be gentle with your elderly relative. You may also consider blocking the animal from entering the part of the house where your relative is staying.


Much like pets, children are loved by the elderly, but can also do some things which may put your relatives at risk of harm. Teach them early on to respect their space, and to not leave any toys on the floor as they could risk tripping. Also remind them to help out wherever they can, especially if they see the elderly relative struggling with something like the TV.

Stair Lifts in Salt Lake City

It’s no doubt that stair lifts have truly revolutionized how the elderly can go up and down stairwells. What was once a risky adventure has now become a comfortable and safe journey between different stories in your home. Not only is this a worthwhile investment in their health and safety, but it will also increase the value of your home for resale, as they truly are desirable tools. There are several kinds of stair lifts to consider, and they can come with different features such as extra quiet ones which may be ideal at night.

To learn more about our stair lifts Salt Lake City, be sure to check out our catalogue online, or give one of our friendly staff a call.

Lift Chairs in Salt Lake City

Much like stair lifts, lift chairs help the elderly function in a house in a relatively normal manner. They have strong engines which can lift the elderly back on their feet from a seated position.

Emergency Aid Wristband

As with all stair lifts in Salt Lake City, emergency aid wristbands have also saved countless lives and will continue to do so in the future. These wristbands can allow your elderly to contact the appropriate services with ease in the event of an accident, such as falling over. There are a huge range of different aid wristbands out there with all kinds of features, although we believe the best are the simplest kinds, as any more than a couple of buttons can be confusing during an emergency situation.

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