Do you have the right tub or bathroom for a walk in tub?

Walk in tub offers convenience, manageability, stability, and safety. They come in a variety of sizes and depths, and come with options such as water jets, skid resistant flooring, ergonomic seating, and easy to use hand held shower heads. Walk in tubs are ideal for the elderly, but have benefits for any family member who values safety, and for any homeowner with a small bathroom. Walk in tubs generally take up less space than traditional tubs, and feature a watertight door that can be put in to swing inward or outward. Outward swinging doors are best for large bathrooms. It is important to note that one difference between a traditional tub and a walk in tub is that users cannot exit the tub until water has drained entirely. Due to walk in tub design, the swinging door basically becomes part of the bath tub wall when the user is inside of it.

If you are on the fence about getting a walk in tub, it is important to know that you will need to remove your existing tub if you go through with the project. As you consider what walk in tub you may purchase, take a look at the location and spacing of other key bathroom elements, such as the toilet and the sink. Plumbing and electrical elements must be considered also since moving plumbing lines can be costly. Next, be sure that the size of your potential walk in tub is compatible with the output of your current water heater. A professional with Western Stairlifts can help you with this element of the project, providing you with a better understanding of the bathrooms layout and plumbing components to ensure the bath you have install will fit, look and work perfectly.

If you decide not to go with the walk in tub, handrails and bench seating can be added to existing tubs, or to custom built tubs; also available through Western Stairlifts. As with any decision, there are pros and cons to adding a walk in tub, and it is best to evaluate physical needs, bathroom layout, and budget, as you make your choice.

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