Remodel a kitchen for mobility

When you or a loved one requires the use of a mobility device such as a wheelchair or a scooter, you may need to make adjustments to your home in order to encourage maximum independence. While these mobility devices can enhance quality of life for the individual in many situations, they may also require special accommodations to be made to improve the functionality of the home. Without accommodations made, the use of some spaces may be impeded or limited. While several areas of the home may need to be remodeled for convenience and accessibility, the kitchen may be one room that requires extra effort.

Regardless of the type of mobility device being used, special adjustments may need to be made to promote maneuverability in the home. The kitchen may be particularly problematic for those in a wheelchair or who rely on a scooter. Some kitchens are designed with a large, open area in the center of the room, but many have an island, bar-style seating and other design elements that limit maneuverability. It may be difficult for a scooter or wheelchair to get into these cramped spaces, and it may be impossible to turn the mobility device around. By removing islands and widening walkways, maneuverability in the kitchen can be enhanced.

Special adjustments to the kitchen may also need to be made for accessibility. The kitchen is a truly functional room where activities like cleaning and meal preparation take place. In order to complete these activities, accessibility to the stove, microwave, sink, cabinets and other features is necessary. Lowering cabinets and counter tops and installing ramps are two common ways that accessibility in the kitchen may be promoted.

A considerable amount of time may be spent in the kitchen each day. To promote the independence of an individual who uses a mobility device, remodeling the kitchen to promote maneuverability and accessibility may be necessary. A renovation professional at American Home Services, Inc. can help you to learn more about the best options for the redesign of your kitchen.

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