Remodel a bedroom for mobility

When you or a loved one requires the use of a mobility device to get around, there may be special challenges that you face when moving throughout the home. In some rooms, such as the bedroom or living room, simply moving furniture around may promote maneuverability. However, there are instances when remodeling a bedroom may require more significant effort in order to promote the most ideal independent-living situation.
Making Height Adjustments
While moving furniture around as needed or investing in different types of furniture may enhance mobility when you are in a wheelchair or when you require a scooter for mobility, the fact is that some features may simply be out of reach. For example, everything from the light switch and the drawstring of the ceiling fan to the blinds and even features in the closet may not be within reach. Special accommodations can be made to lower these features or to attach special additions that give you access to them at a lower height.

Door Space
You may also need to remodel the bedroom door as well as the closet doors for accessibility. Many wheelchairs and scooters are designed to pass through doorways, but this may be a tight fit. In addition, you may not be able to easily turn around inside the closet. More significant remodeling of the space can expand the width of doorways as well as the amount of closet space available so that you have enhanced mobility in the room. Some rooms are also built with steps, and you can install ramps over these steps for improved mobility.

Each home may have a unique design, and you may have unique limitations based on the type of mobility device that you use. The fact is that you want to feel independent to perform all required functions at home, and remodeling your space is a great way to ensure your independence. Work with a remodeling professional at American Home Services, skilled at renovations for homes with residents who use mobility devices, and this step will ensure that you are truly comfortable while using your mobility device throughout your space.

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