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Over the past year, the Western Stairlift team has been receiving some amazing testimonials and stories from our customers. It’s always great when we receiving these stories from our customers as they reaffirm how they’ve benefited from adding a stair lift, walk-in tub, home elevator or any other mobility product we sell here in our store.

In today’s blog post, I want to share with you my favorite story. For those of you that have signed up to our newsletter, you might have seen this testimonial already. The following testimonial comes from Linda. Linda moved from London England to Salt Lake City this year. As well as being elderly, she suffers from ME.

“I was born in Portland, Maine in 1939 and moved to London, England in 1952. I was married to Tony, an English gentleman from North London. We had two children together and lived in Palmers Green, North London. Both our kids moved to the States; James moved to Bar Harbor, ME and Louise moved to Sandy Salt Lake County, which is where I now live. I moved back after Tony died to be nearer to my daughter, Louise.”
“Over the years, I’ve suffered from ME, which affects my muscles and joints. My condition has worsened recently and it’s difficult as I look after my grandchildren. My neighbor, Joe, had a walk-in tub installed and that’s when I met Kevin and his sons. If this is being read by you Kevin, then I want you to know that you were a real gentleman as you explained what your company did. I offered you and your boys some juice and that’s when you mentioned a stair lift. I was instantly hooked. I came to your store and you helped me pick the right stair lift, a Harmar Pinnacle Premium model. You came round the same week and installed it. I can’t thank you enough! Since the stair lift has been installed, it’s made my life so much easier. Now my grandchildren Angelo and Daniel ride up, and down the stairs with me! Please feel free to use this testimonial on your website. Love, Linda.”

If you or someone you know is elderly or needs a mobility product like a stair lift, give us a call on 801-386-2408 and we’ll schedule a free evaluation for you.

Just like we helped Linda, we’re here to make your life a lot easier.

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