Latest Innovations In Stairlift Technology

The technology that is used to create and maintain stairlifts is constantly evolving, building on features that weren’t previously available when they first came into fruition. As the need continues to grow amongst the elderly population, so too is the call to further enhance the usefulness of stairlift technology as it relates to safety, effectiveness, and comfortability.

Let’s assess the enhancements with the technology and why manufacturers like Western Stair Lifts take great pride in accommodating the elderly population with their physical needs.

Rails For Stairlifts

Among earlier iterations of stairlifts, the units themselves were attached to the stairs and studded into your walls. This made for a rather awkward installation process and would cause an immense amount of damage in the event of removal.

These days, stairlifts are on stronger rails and support beams that are bonded to the treads of your stairs. The newer innovations in stairlift technology have simplified the installation process to make it cleaner, faster, essentially mitigating the possibility of wall damage. Certain situations can require a need for an additional wall support bracket.

Custom fit fails have also become a new normal. For a more tailored solution, rails are made based on the specifications of your staircase. For those who have curved staircases, rest assured, this won’t act as a hindrance by any means. Rail pieces are fit together in such a way to complement the shape of your staircase.

Hinged rails are also another viable option. They allow the stair lifts to be situated in areas that are otherwise deemed a tighter fit. There are manual and powered options for hinged rails. The power option allows you to raise or lower the lift with the push of a button.

If you opt for an automatic hinged rail, lift carriers will be triggered by any movement and come equipped with safety features such as buzzers and lights. Features like this are imperative because it alerts the user that the unit is in motion.

Seats For Stairlifts & Safety Upgrades

Stairlifts and stairlift technology is meant to aid those who have issues with their mobility. What may come easy to some, can be quite grueling for others. Typically speaking, there are two types of seating options available for stair lifts; swivel seats and perch seats.

Swivel seats give users the freedom to stand on the landing instead of needing to twist, while standing on the stairs. Having said that, certain types of swivel chairs will require the user to manually turn, while others will automatically swivel, which can make for a more feasible experience.

Perch seats look very much like barstools in their appearance. They don’t require a whole lot of bending, but they still come equipped with seat belts and safety rails. Perch seats are mobile enough to allow users to move in an almost standing position and are ideal for homes that are adorned with narrower staircases.

With new seating options comes an upgrade in safety features. These include gentle start & stop mechanisms, upgraded sensors, backup batteries, speed limiter, and pressure-sensitive controls, to name a few.

Stairlift Installation in Salt Lake City

If you’re looking to get your hands on an upgraded stair lift for your elderly family member, you can click here to contact our team at Western Stairlifts. We help our customers find the perfect product for their needs and budget. From purchase to stairlift installation, we’re here for you every step of the way!

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