Inward Vs. Outward Swinging Doors

Purchasing a walk-in tub is a serious consideration for elderly couples, adult children of elderly parents and anyone who manages an elder care facility. Your choice of bath tub helps the elderly bathe under their own power. You want the elderly under your care to feel independent, and your choice of bath tub helps that independence.

Choice #1: Inward Swinging Doors

Inward swinging doors are helpful for anyone who has a hard time getting into the bath tub. Sometimes, it is harder to get into the bath tub than it is to get out. These inward-swinging doors help elderly patients and parents get into the walk-in tub under their own power.

Choice #2: Outward-Swinging Doors

There are many people who find it hard to get out of the tub after they have bathed. The water in the tub and/or a slippery floor could cause the elderly to slip and fall. This danger points to a need for outward-swinging doors. These doors are easy for the elderly to grasp when they are pulling themselves up after a bath. The doors can be pushed open easily, and the bather can get out of the walk-in tub on their own.

Tip: How Do You Choose Between The Two?

You must weigh the safety of the people under your care. You know your parents and patients better than anybody. You understand that your parents can pull themselves up easily after a bath, and you should purchase outward-swinging doors as a result. Also, you know that your patients want to get in the walk-in tub on their own. They can ring for a nurse or orderly to help them when the bath is over. This situation calls for inward-swinging doors.

When you choose the right kind of walk-in tub, consider both styles before buying. There is a style that matches your situation.

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