Increasing the Value of your Home in Popular Retirement Locations

Retirees make up a relatively large part of our modern society, and various locations across the United States have proven to be suitable for them. Subsequently, retirement communities have popped up where housing and healthcare are affordable, and they’ve brought their wealth with them. For those people out there who love buying and fixing up homes for resale, this has offered an interesting opportunity. Western Stair Lifts has helped provide excellent value to homes through our provision of stair lifts in Salt Lake City, UT.

The life of a retiree should be easy, comfortable, and relaxing, as they’ve often spent their life giving their all in one of the various integral industries we rely on today. One way that retirees can ensure their comfort is by moving to a more affordable area and buying a house, giving them security in their accommodation. As a provider of stairlifts in Salt Lake City, we know not all houses are suitable for retired residents, as things like stairs can become more difficult to navigate with age.

Here is a look at how you can create homes that are suitable for those who are elderly and retired.

Curb Appeal

As with selling any home, the first impression any potential buyer will have is the view from the street, aptly known as the home’s ‘curb appeal’. This describes its appearance from the road, and can often be the determining factor in whether or not someone truly likes the house.

Weather-Resistant Vertical Lifts

Not only should the front of the house be attractive to retirees, but it should also seem easily accessible. Any amount of stairs in the entryway is going to become increasingly problematic for the elderly, as their bones and joints aren’t capable of the same acrobatics. The installation of a weather-resistant vertical lift can alleviate this problem, and survive the outdoor conditions for the years to come (when properly maintained).

Goin’ Up!

Due to the way that we divide the land, houses with second and third stories have become increasingly popular over the years. They boast all kinds of benefits over single-story houses, such as great views, more bedrooms, and plenty more storage space with an attic and/or a basement. Although they do come with one obstacle: stairways.

Stair Lifts

The elderly shouldn’t be stopped from buying or living in houses with second stories just because they may struggle to get up and down the stairs. That’s why stairlifts have become such an important invention for the elderly community. If you’ve ever seen one before, you may know that they were once bulky and noisy contraptions that were unbearably slow. Nowadays though, modern stairlifts are more reliable, quieter, and relatively faster than their predecessors.

If a brand new stairlift is beyond your budget, you may also consider a reconditioned or used stairlift which can offer all of the benefits at a much more affordable rate. If you want to hear more about our used or reconditioned stair lifts in Salt Lake City, contact us today.

Platform Lift

If a part of the house is only slightly higher than the rest, and only several stairs need to be overcome, a platform lift may be preferable to a full-blown stairlift. With safety doors, and the ability to hold the weight of a helper as well, these can be great for the more physically-inhibited elderly. They also take up much less space and tend to be more affordable than other lift options.


In those instances where several stories need to be overcome on a daily basis, such as those two-story houses where the bedrooms are located on the second floor, or those houses with three or more stories, an elevator may be more suitable. Residential elevators are similar to standard elevators in their use, but not appearance, as they tend to be much more attractive than the steel boxes many of us are accustomed to.

They can come in different sizes depending on how many people are expected to use them, and also boast other modern features such as working from a remote control. While these elevators may be quite expensive, the value they add to a home is simply undeniable and also makes the house more accessible to the physically disabled.

Uplifting Furniture

A final area that commonly poses an obstacle to the elderly is getting out of the chair they’ve sat in, especially after some time. Without the youthful muscles we rely on to jump out of our chairs at a moment’s notice, many elderly may feel hesitant to sit down for too long for fear of a struggle when they wish to rise.

Lift Chairs

That’s where lift chairs step in, with a motor that assists the seated individual in standing by slowly lifting and tilting the chair. These lift chairs aren’t anything like the hospital beds which sound similar, instead, they are incredibly comfortable, attractive, and can even have massage features installed.

Stair Lifts in Salt Lake City

Western Stair Lifts provides easy installation and fair pricing for stair lifts in Salt Lake City. Kitting out a house for retirees to buy may take an investment, but the value you will be adding to their lives is truly priceless. For more information about our stairlifts Salt Lake City, contact us via email or call us today.

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