Improve Bedroom Safety With A Remodel

Safety in the bedroom might not be something that you often think about because for healthy adults, it typically is not a problem. However, for toddlers and children and even elderly adults, there are many hidden dangers inside the bedroom. A bedroom remodel might be the best option to improve the safety and health of all of those sleeping and spending time in the room.

When considering a bedroom remodel, start at the entryway. For elderly homeowners, a wide entryway to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs will help them to avoid small injuries to the hands and feet. It will allow them to move more comfortably through the door, avoiding getting fingers pinched in a tight doorway or bruises by bumping into the wall. If a bedroom has a bathroom attached, consider widening this doorway as well. Built-in shelving units are another way to make the bedroom space work more efficiently. These types of features allow the bulky dressers to be removed and gives elderly residents the opportunity to move more freely about the room without tripping hazards.

Built-in units can also be a benefit to families with toddlers, who inherently like to climb. If a dresser or entertainment unit is not properly anchored, a climbing toddler could easily pull an unstable piece of furniture on top of them, causing serious injury or even death. A bedroom remodel that includes built-in units is a great alternative to storage while also providing an increased level of safety. These units could also easily serve as an entertainment center. A television could properly be displayed in a safe manner, while also being aesthetically pleasing.

No bedroom remodel is complete without window coverings – another common hazard for toddlers that can easily be addressed. Traditional blinds have long cords that could strangle a small child. Instead, opt to install cordless blinds on the windows. These have a sleek and simple look and eliminate the dangerous cords that are a danger to toddlers.

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