Holiday Health Tips for Senior Adults

The holidays are here, and it’s going to be a festive and busy time until the end of the year. The season may already be demanding enough as it is, but we have to look out for our senior loved ones more during this time. Their health and wellbeing needs to be considered throughout the holidays as well.

This time of the year is also stressful for the elderly. With all the gatherings and holiday meals left and right, their fitness regimen might be disturbed and proper eating habits might be disrupted as well. You already know that it’s hard to stay healthy throughout the season, so you have to anticipate that your senior family members might need your help. On top of all that, don’t forget the loneliness they might feel when holiday blues kick in.

You can help your elderly loved ones through the holiday season in different ways. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind.

Make healthy choices

You might think that the holiday season is all about mindless feasting. However, for your senior loved one’s sake – and even yours – you can try to make your holiday menu more wholesome and healthier. Aside from the usual Christmas fare, you can add more healthy snacks as well as light choices like soup or salads.

You won’t be depriving anyone of good holiday food, but you’re making sure they eat well. Going for hearty choices will not only benefit your elderly relative, but everyone as well. Since we are all prone to overindulgence during the holidays, throwing in a little healthy choice or two in every meal will help us make a conscious effort to watch what we’re eating.

Keep exercising

Despite the holiday rush, it’s important to make time for exercise. For senior adults, staying active through the season will allow them to become more vibrant and ready for gatherings and other trips. Make sure you’re getting in those workouts with them.

Winter in Utah can get very cold, so it’s important to stay active. If sidewalks are dry, daily walks with your senior loved ones will work. You can even walk around a shopping mall in the morning when there aren’t many people yet – it’s easy to get creative with your physical activities for the season.

Make your home accessible

If you’re anticipating some elderly relatives to visit you for the holidays, do all you can to set your home up for them. Remember that what might not be a hazard for you may be one for them. Make sure your home is safe for them to move around freely and without risk of falling.

Look at your rugs or carpets and see whether someone can trip over one of its areas. Give way for your elderly loved ones to get around with ease by removing or rearranging furniture around the home. If they have to sleep over, consider making them sleep on the first floor of your home. These will allow them to get comfortable at your place right away, knowing that they’re safe.

Give them time to rest

It can be tempting to plan a jam-packed trip with your loved ones. But if you’re traveling with a senior adult, consider their wellbeing, too. Don’t force all of your plans on them in one day. Schedule a day for rest, or maybe just stay in and get everyone together instead.

If your holiday trip entails a few hours of travel, make sure that your elderly loved ones will get some rest after some time on the road. If they insist on pushing through with plans, try to initiate downtime to allow them to rest. Bring up taking a nap or a lazy afternoon watching TV or doing nothing so they can take it easy, too.

Keep them involved

It’s important to make your elderly loved ones feel that they are still part of the holidays. Get them to help out in preparations to let them join in on the holiday rush in their own ways. Ask them to decorate the home, set the table, or even prepare a dish. Anything that gets them involved in the process will make them feel useful and fulfilled.

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