Bring the Inside Out with an Exterior Mobility Ramp

Many people with mobility issues kit out the interior of their homes with the latest stair lifts, ramps, elevators, walk in tubs and other great devices, but for some reason stop short when it comes to making their home safe and accessible from the outside.

The question is: What’s the use in being able to get around your house with ease if you struggle to get in and out of it?

If you are struggling to get from your car into your home and vice versa, your house may not be as accessible as you once thought it was.  Happily, there are plenty of unobtrusive mobility ramps and lifts that will enhance your ability to easily access your home or office without having to rely on others for help. Crucially, these easy to fit devices will improve your quality of life, safety and your sense of independence more than you can imagine.

Does one mobility ramp fit all types of homes?

Before we get to why you should fit a mobility ramp to help you to get out and about or into your home with ease, let’s take a quick look at the great range of options you have when it comes to ramps.

At Western Stairlifts, we stock the industry-leading range of ramps from EZ-Access. So, whether you are looking for a portable ramp or a modular ramp system for a custom accessibility solution, we have the ramp for you.

Why fit an exterior mobility ramp?

Ramps and exterior accessibility solutions are suitable for so many types of people, so if you are recovering from an illness or injury, have longer-term mobility issues, feel as if age is taking its toll on your joints or worry about your parents taking a tumble as they climb the steps, it’s time to consider installing an exterior ramp.

There are so many benefits to exterior ramps that we don’t really know where to start:

  • Safety

EZ Access ramps are designed to keep you and your loved ones safe. Regardless of the weather, the slip-resistant surface does exactly what it says on the tin!

  • Customizable

Every person’s mobility needs are different. We’ll assess your needs and your home to come up with a bespoke modular solution that will maximize your independence.

  • Quick installation:

Fitting even the most complicated modular systems is super-fast and won’t disrupt your day at all – just go about your business and we’ll have your ramp system fitted before you know it.

  • Property value

EZ Access ramps will not affect the value of your home, as they are not built-in; they are assembled and can move with you if you decide to sell your property.

Would a ramp make your life or a relative’s life easier? If you answered yes, give the Western Stairlifts Team a call on 801-386-2408 to arrange your Free Mobility Ramp Evaluation.

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