Enjoy a Safer Bathing Experience With A Bath Lift

For many people who are elderly or have physical conditions that hinder their mobility, one of the first pleasures of life that is often lost is taking a relaxing bath. However, as technology has advanced there have been many items made to make bathing safe and easy for those with physical difficulties, with one of the most popular being the bath lift.

Made like a standard chair, bath lifts are safe and reliable ways to lower a person in or out of the bathtub. Able to be installed on most tubs without any modifications, they don’t take up any additional space in the bathroom. In fact, they can even be taken along on vacations and can be used when staying in hotels or other places away from home. Most models use powerful suction cups to stay connected to the tub, and can easily support up to 375 pounds of weight. When lowered into the tub, the chair is only about three inches from the tub’s bottom, and when raised it is 18 inches from the bottom.

To make the bathing experience even safer, most bath lifts can be fitted with swivel seats, making it easy to turn one’s body when getting in and out of the tub. Many lifts also have seat belts and chest restraints on them to make sure the person does not fall over while bathing and headrests are also available to help support the head and neck if needed. Designed to be ergonomically correct, the chairs come with reclining backs to let the person lie back and relax during their bath.

While bathing is often one of the most dangerous activities for seniors and disabled individuals, bath lifts are a great way to take the fear and uncertainty out of it and make it the enjoyable experience it’s always been. Perfect for both caregivers and those desiring privacy and independence, bath lifts have proven themselves to be well worth the investment.

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