Would a Vehicle Lift Change Your Life?

Mobility scooters are great for travelling short distances that are within easy reach of your home, but your trusty scooter isn’t really an option for longer trips – it would just take too long to get where you are going! It’s a fact that scooters are completely unsuited to long journeys and highway travel, so what can you do if you need your scooter when you arrive at your destination?

Where you go, your mobility scooter goes too

There’s a very simple solution to staying mobile when you are away from home and that solution comes in the form of a vehicle lift, which can be easily attached to the back of your car. By fitting a vehicle lift you are, in effect, taking complete control of your mobility and independence as you can take your mobility scooter wherever you go.

How to choose the best vehicle lift for you

At Western Stairlifts, we stock a wide range of vehicle lifts from Harmar, one of the leading manufacturers of mobility equipment in the U.S., and we can help you to select a vehicle lift that perfectly matches your mobility needs.

There’s a vehicle lift to suit each and every power chair or mobility scooter. So, if you have difficulty walking or even standing for prolonged periods of time, take a minute to think how much easier your life would be if you could take your mobility scooter with you by simply loading it onto a vehicle lift.

Here are a few facts about the types of vehicle lifts available in the Western Stairlifts store in Utah:

  • Vehicle lifts are categorized as Inside Lifts or Outside Lifts. Inside lifts are installed within the trunk of your vehicle, while outside lifts are hitched to the back of your vehicle.
  • Vehicle lifts can be fitted to all types of vehicles, so whether you have an SUV, sedan or other type of vehicle, we’ll find a vehicle lift that fits.
  • We have micro lifts for lighter mobility aids and heavy duty vehicle lifts that can safely take the weight of your mobility scooter.

Claim your independence

Here at Western Stairlifts, we meet people every day who refuse to allow their mobility issues to limit them in any way. The simple fact is that with the advent of high tech mobility aids such as vehicle lifts, there’s absolutely no reason that you should lose your independence. Give us a call or come down to the Western Stairlifts showroom in Midvale, Utah and we’ll explain how a vehicle lift can improve your quality of life and increase your independence.

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