Buying A Stair Lift? Why you Shouldn’t Cut Costs

If you are seriously thinking of buying a stair lift, you have committed to making an expensive purchase that Medicare is unlikely to cover. You might wonder if you can find a “deal” to reduce the cost; however, buying from anyone other than a reputable dealer poses risks that may offset the potential for cost-cutting when buying a stair lift.

Is Cost Cutting Worth It When Buying a Stair Lift?

Here are four things to consider before you sign on the dotted line when buying a stair lift.

  1. Should you cut costs by buying a low-cost model? Most lifts are designed to accommodate riders who weigh 250 pounds or less, but there are some models that can safely transport those weighing more than 450 pounds. These heavy-duty models require larger motors, along with sturdier tracks and larger batteries. Since you buy a stair lift for safe transport up the stairs, you should buy the model that will do the job for the person who will be using the stair lift – even though heavy-duty models cost more.
  2. Is it worth it to save money by purchasing a used stair lift? Some stair lifts are installed, but hardly used, before the intended user passes away or needs to go to a nursing home. There are many good values available, but the purchase can be risky unless you buy from a dealer who will stand behind the product. If you buy a pre-owned product from an individual, you may not have a warranty. Make sure to have a professional examine the product to verify that it is in good condition and well-maintained; if so, arrange for a professional installer.
  3. Should you buy a stair lift online? As with pre-owned equipment, you do not know the full story on what you are buying. Some scam companies sell inferior products that they do not stand behind. If you have decided to make the investment of a stair lift, choose a well-regarded local company.
  4. What features are worth the cost? Just as when you buy a car, stair lifts offer a variety of features that may have value to you. Some add-ons you might like include:
  • Flip up rails that allow you to lift up the bottom section of a stair lift track via hinges to provide additional clearance
  • Safety features such as dual breaking, seatbelts, fold up options on seat, armrests, and foot rest
  • Locks and safety devices to prevent visiting grandchildren from operating the chairlift
  • Power seat swivel option to facilitate getting out of the chair
  • Lifetime warranty and extended warranty options
  • Extra durability for outdoor usage

Many of these extra features will increase convenience, safety, and flexibility and are usually worth a few dollars more.

Call Western Stairlifts for Reliable Sales and Installation

A stair lift is an expensive investment that can be a cost-effective way for a senior or other person with limited mobility to remain at home. To get the best value, talk with Western Stairlifts about features and brands. Before buying a stair lift elsewhere, consider the benefits of purchasing from a reputable, experienced local firm.

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