How to buy a Walk in Bath

How to buy a Walk in Bath

In the last decade walk in baths have become more popular and that is because they are relaxing, safe, offer mobility to those who need it and allow a person to move around freely and safely.

There are a variety of walk in tubs Utah to choose from; therefore, there are things to consider before buying one. You ll want to consider the price. The prices of walk in baths range from $3,000 to $15,000. Before buying one, have a budget set for your walk in bath and that will set the stage for buying one.

Next, consider how you will buy your new bath. These walk in baths are being sold online, through dealer networks and by door to door salesmen. Always be careful of companies who don t disclose the process. Certifications are another point to consider. Walk in baths should be certified for safety standards.

Keep in mind that most walk in tubs Utah are not difficult to install; a plumber can easily take of the installation for you. But any reputable dealer will also install it for you. Materials that are used to construct a walk in bath are acrylic and gel coat fiberglass. Another point to consider is the size of your new walk in bath. Sizes range from space saving to regular size, to larger models. It is important to keep in mind with the size of a walk in bath that some water heaters are not large enough to put out large volumes of water.

In addition, another choice is to have an inward or outward swing door. Inward door swings need a larger area and sometimes make it necessary for a person to maneuver around the door to enter or exit the bath. With an inward door swing, water pressure is used to keep the door sealed; however, they do not allow an emergency access. With an outward swing door, you will not need as much water, there is no maneuvering the door to exit or entry and they do not leak. Another feature to consider is the step in height. Look for a model that has a low inch step in height; such as two inches.

Walk in baths are wonderful and have safety features that can make taking a bath a pleasure!

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