The Benefits of a Bath Lift

If you’ve been considering getting a bath lift, you may wonder what the pros and cons of such a decision might be. No one likes to make a purchase or a big change without being informed, and we are happy to provide you with a short list of improvements and drawbacks you might see with a bath lift.

Bath Lifts Restore Mobility
If you need assistance to get in and out of the bath, bath lifts are an easy way to restore mobility in the bathroom. Like walk-in showers, bath lifts enable you to easily access your bathtub without needing anyone else present.

Bath Lifts Can Take Up Space
If your bathtub is modest in size, a bath lift may not be the ideal solution for you. These lifts do slightly reduce the size of your bathtub, so they are not the best option for someone who wants to be able to stretch their legs in a smaller tub.

If You Want to Soak, Choose a Bath Lift
Walk-in showers are a popular mobility solution, but they generally don’t allow you to take a nice long bath. If you have difficulty standing for extended periods, or you have chronic pain that could benefit from a nice long soak in the hot water, you should consider getting a bath lift. However, bath lifts do not make it easy to have a shower since you still have to get up from a sitting position once you are in the tub. This is the trade-off between bath lifts and walk-in showers.

It’s Often Easier to Install a Bath Lift
Most bath lifts can be easily fitted over your existing bathtub. This makes installing them fairly easy because they merely need to be placed and secured. However, if you wanted to install a walk-in shower, you would have to remove your current tub first. This can be too much of a hassle for some people, making bath lifts more appealing.

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