5 Home Additions to Help Improve Your Senior Loved One’s Mood

It’s important to maintain a joyful attitude in old age. When you are a senior adult with mobility issues, it can be difficult to remain positive, especially if you feel less able and independent. If you are living with a senior relative with limited mobility, you might want to make changes at home that can help uplift their spirit. This will be especially valuable if they spend a lot of time at home because of their condition. Making a few adjustments such as installation wheelchair stair lifts and changing up some things around the house can make things feel lighter and brighter for your senior loved one. Let’s take a look at some modifications you can do for the home.

Pay attention to lighting

Lighting does more to a person’s mood than you might realize. Have you ever noticed how you feel when there’s a lack of natural light in your home? Imagine how your senior loved one’s mood will be affected as well.

The lack of natural light in a home can dampen anyone’s spirit. Natural light increases vitamin D, which is a great mood builder. This is especially important for persons who are always at home, like a senior relative with limited mobility.

Make sure your home gets a lot of indoor natural light. Not only will it help boost the happiness quotient in your home, it’s also a great way to assist your aging and visually impaired relatives.

Change the curtains

Do you use a lot of heavy drapes or dark curtains at home? It may be time to switch those up with blinds to allow more light into your home, especially if it alters the mood of the rooms in your house.

While curtains can help with privacy, security, and aesthetics, it can also control the amount of natural light that enters your home. Not only that – curtains can also be a breeding ground for dust and mites, which can cause allergies and leave your senior loved ones with breathing problems or other reactions.

Why not choose a window dressing that can give your home some attitude while keeping it light and bright at the same time? Blinds or window shutters can help with that. Let the light in and keep the house vibrant to let everyone feel a boost of energy when they stay home.

Add plants

If you want to instantly perk up the home, put some plants around. Having plants is one great way to bring the outdoors inside the home, which can perk up the mood of anyone who doesn’t go out often.

Whether it’s air purifying house plants, herbs for the kitchen, or beautiful flower arrangements, blending plants with your interiors will do wonders for everyone. It will make your space more lively and encouraging for your senior loved one.

Look for nice indoor plants like the snake plant, spider plant, or peace lily. You can also pick fresh flowers and just arrange them in your living or dining room. These can reduce stress and just brighten the mood for everyone.

Introduce scents

Besides visual cues, the smell of a space can also affect a person’s mood. A delightful aroma can really help make the home a more relaxing place, providing some calmness for your senior loved one.

If you want to light candles or incense, make sure they will be closely monitored when lit. These are fire hazards, so ensure that you will be present to guarantee your senior loved one’s safety.

To keep things smelling good around the home, try potpourri or home air fresheners. Introducing scents can help your family feel more at home in your space.

Add color

We always hear about how colors are associated with different moods. There are a lot of ways to incorporate color into your home. Whether it’s from art or furnishings, you can use color to make your home more vibrant to the delight of your senior loved one.

One of the easiest ways to add color to your home is by changing cushions. If you want to make things bright and bold, go for cushions with solid colors and various textures.

Willing to do some repainting? Choose calming colors from different shades of blue and green. These soothing colors are not boring, and they can make everyone feel at ease in your home as well.

Take Advantage of Wheelchair Stair Lifts and Other Items

Mobility products make an enormous difference in the quality of life of those who require assistance in getting around. Whether that is because of an injury, age related mobility loss, or a disability it makes no difference. Mobility products such as wheelchair stairlifts help people achieve the independence they need and deserve.

This post tackles taking care of the elderly in your life and ensuring they have what they need to enjoy a good life. This last point is perhaps the most important, with many seniors preferring to need as little help as possible.

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