3 Stretches That Will Get Your Circulation Going From Your Lift Chair

Stretching feels so good and is great for your body too. Make it a part of your daily routine, starting now.

Last time, we looked at the importance of maintaining healthy circulation that pumps blood to the ends of our fingers and toes. Today, we’ll start to introduce you to some easy stretches and exercises that will have you feeling awesome and more energized in no time. The great news is you can do them from your lift chair too.

Stretch it out

Today we are going to look at 3 stretches that you can do alone from your sofa or lift chair. If you need help, please ask a friend or relative for support and remember never to over exert yourself. Stretching should never be painful, so take your time and be gentle on yourself. Only go as far as feels comfortable.

Important note: Before starting any exercise program, please check that exercises are suitable for you by consulting your physician.

1. Wrist and ankle twists

Let’s get the blood flowing with some simple movements for your ankles and wrists. As you are sitting in your chair or wheelchair, start gently moving your wrists. Go one way, and now reverse. Do the same for your ankles.

2. Up and over

Now this one is a little more challenging. Make sure you are in a correct sitting position with your back straight and legs hip width apart (not crossed). From a sitting position in your lift chair, wheelchair or sofa let your arms hang by your sides with your elbows slightly bent. Slowly move your arms up until they are at right angles to the side of your body. If this feels challenging enough for you, slowly move your arms back to the starting position. If you feel you can do more, slowly move your arms up until they meet above your head. Remember, slow, steady and stop if you feel any pain.

3. Front and center

This stretch is similar to “Up and over”. The main difference is that we’ll be moving one arm at a time not two. The starting position is the same, but this time move one arm until it is positioned in front of your body. If you can, keep moving your arm upwards until it is above your head. Return to the starting position and do the same with the other arm. Please take care to keep your movements controlled and smooth. If the stretch causes discomfort or pain, stop immediately.

Next time, we’ll continue to look at how you can improve your circulation from your lift chair, wheelchair, walk-in tub or bed. If you’d like to learn more about our range, please give us a call on 801-386-2408 or, better still, come down to see us in the Western Stairlifts’ Midvale showroom!

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