Tips for Buying Lift Chairs

Lift chairs can make life easier for those who have difficulty getting up from a sitting position. While they look like other living room furniture, they have a mechanism inside that tilts the chair forward into a position that makes standing easier. Some chairs can even be positioned to lie flat for napping or sleeping.

All this convenience comes at a price that can be out of range for many people who could benefit from it. Fortunately, Medicare eases part of the burden for many people.

What Medicare Pays For

Qualifying to have the chair covered by Medicare requires proof of medical need. Your physician must certify that you have a severe neuromuscular disease or severe arthritis of the hip or knee that prevents you from rising from a chair on you own. You must be able to stand and move on your own; if you depend on a wheelchair, you do not qualify. If you meet these requirements, you doctor will provide a medical equipment company with a Certificate of Medical Necessity to send to Medicare.

Medicare pays for the lift mechanism in the chair, currently up to $362.33, less a 20% deductible (after the annual deductible of $147 is paid.) The rest of the chair is considered furniture, so neither Medicare nor private insurance companies will pay the balance.

Stores authorized to provide the chairs are usually very helpful in handling the Medicare billing. You may have to pay the store for the chair and wait for Medicare to reimburse you for the lift mechanism. Medicare assumes a five year life for these chairs, so may cover the mechanism on a new one every five years.

Lift Chair Options

The remaining cost of the chair will vary, based on its fabric, options, and features added on, such as heat and massage, head and neck pillow, and fabric upgrades. The number of lift position also influence cost:

  • Two position lift chairs offer a sitting and lifting position that is a good option for those who sit in the chair for short periods to read.
  • Three position lift chairs offer an additional sleeper recline positon for napping that lifts the head at or above the heart.
  • Infinity lift chairs allow a full flat recline that make them good for people who have difficulty sleeping in a bed. This type of chair has a separate motor for the chair and the footrest. It is the most versatile chair.

Because the chair is a piece of furniture, it comes in different sizes that suit your physique. There are styles for petite, tall, and heavy people. Most lift chairs accommodate up to about 375 pounds, but heavy duty models can manage up to 700 pounds.

Where to Buy Lift Chairs

If you qualify for a lift chair, you can only purchase one through a company that meets certain Medicare standards and who is authorized to bill Medicare.

Western Stairlift carries a full assortment of chairs with two, three, or infinity lift options that qualify for Medicare reimbursement and have excellent warranties. We will help you find the best one for your needs and then deliver your chair, set it up to your specifications, and haul away your old chair. Offering prices that are a bargain compared to medical supply stores, we offer a wide selection of chairs in our showroom and can order what you want within a couple weeks.

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