Safety and convenience of Walk-In Tubs

Walk-in tubs are designed to provide you with both safety and convenience within your bathroom. Now you are able to bathe safely without having to worry about slippery tubs or shower surfaces, high steps and other obstacles that can make taking a bath one of the most difficult tasks of the day. At American Home Services Inc., we help to truly revolutionize your bathing experience with features that not only make your tub safe and convenient to access, but that also enhance your entire bathroom.

Eliminating High Steps
One of the best features that walk-in tubs offer are water tight stainless steel doors that can easily be opened and closed. The ability to open a door and simply walk right into your bathtub eliminates high steps and climbing that regular tubs require. Whether you’re struggling with old age, a disability or are simply looking for a more convenient bathing experience, a walk-in tub helps in greatly reducing the risk of potential falls that could occur when climbing into a tub. Simply open the water tight door, enter the tub, close the door, fill the water and enjoy a relaxing and incredibly safe bathing experience.

A Safe Water Heating System
Another excellent feature that you will find in any of our walk-in tub models  is safe water heating systems. This inline system gives you the ability to bathe for extended periods of time without having to get up and add additional water to the tub which can be a real hassle and potentially unsafe. A thermostatic temperature valve also includes a unique locking mechanism that provides protection from water that may be too hot to enjoy. Best of all, you can easily control the temperature, jets and additional features of your walk-in tub within easy reach for added safety for the bather.

At American Home Services Inc. we strive to provide the safest walk-in tub on the market. Other top features include a draining system that enables the tub to fully drain quickly before exiting to reduce slipping risks, full-body air drying capability, hand-held shower attachment, relaxing jets and much more.

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