Safety and convenience of Walk In Bath Tubs

The bathroom is one of the most accident-prone areas. Wet floors are usually the cause that leads to accidental falls. Limited mobility, balance issues, arthritis, rheumatism, and back pain are some factors that make movement difficult; as such, getting in and out of a traditional bath tub can be extremely difficult. A walk in bath tub has had advantages and disadvantages to any related issues.

A walk in bath tub has the obvious advantage of making bathing easier. First and foremost, walk in tubs are designed to prevent slipping. Handrails, seats, and textured pads allow individuals to enjoy a worry-free bath. A door that is incorporated on the side allows easy entry and exit without having to lift a leg over the bath s edge. The availability of higher seats and outward opening doors allows the individual to sit without much effort and pivot their way into the tub. This works extremely well for those using wheel chairs and have mobility impairments. The threshold of a walk in bath tub can be as low as 2 inches.

On the contrary, walk in bath tub disadvantages include the following: Entering the tub and shutting the door before turning on the water can result in occurrences of difficulties of getting the right water temperature. Waiting for the bath to drain before exiting may cause issues especially if in a hurry. Inward door opening into the tubs may hinder emergency access, due to the pressure from the water in the tub.

Walk in bath tubs are available in many sizes with optional features. Some features may offer therapeutic features such as warm air massages, water jets, aromatherapy functions and some may feature hygienic whirlpool systems. Some models do have quick drainage which eliminates longer waits for drainage to complete. Hard to reach controls as may be the case in some bath tubs can be inconvenient and intimidating. Fortunately, convenient reachable controls are available in some models, and are not too costly. Customer service is always available for further assistance through Western Stairlifts.

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