Remodel a bathroom for mobility

While remaining at home throughout one’s senior years is desirable, the design of the house may not be convenient if mobility issues arise. To make the home comfortable and rooms accessible, some adaptions must be made. If you’re planning to remodel your home or are assisting a family member with remodeling plans, there are several aspects of the room design to consider.

One of the first aspects to consider is the entrance to the bathroom. The door should be wide enough for a wheelchair to easily pass through. A lever type handle is preferable to the standard door knob. Once inside the bathroom, there needs to be enough space to easily navigate a walker or wheelchair.

You might want to include various height counter tops if more than one person will be using this bathroom. One of the counter areas should have an open space underneath it to accommodate someone using a wheelchair. The toilet seat should be a height that is appropriate for the person you are designing the bathroom for.

Wall hung sinks are a good choice when you are designing an accessible bathroom. Lever handles at the sink are also a good choice compared to alternative handles. Grab bars are a safety feature for anyone. Even if you don’t have them installed at the time of the remodel, you should have braces placed in the wall so that the bars can easily be added later. Non-slip flooring material is also recommended in a bathroom that is being designed for someone with mobility difficulties.  Installing new flooring altogether may also be necessary if non-slip materials aren t enough to ensure the safety of those using the bathroom.

A roll-in shower or a walk-in tub make life much easier for seniors. When you begin exploring your accessible tub and shower designs you will discover that there are some very attractive options available. Keep in mind that light switches, receptacles, toilet paper holders and towel bars all need to be at a height that is reachable from a wheelchair.

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