New Year’s Resolutions for Improved Mobility

Making New Year’s resolution for 2016? Putting improved mobility on the list can enhance your quality of life in the months ahead. With a wide range of available products that can make your life easier, it is time to strategically plan for improvements to enable a more active lifestyle. Some improvements are costly, but if you plan it right, you may be able to get some assistance from Medicare or other funding sources.

What Could Help You with Improved Mobility?

If you have made the decision to age in place or stay there after you become disabled, you may already have the basics such as grab bars and easy open levers installed, but not yet acquired the big ticket items that increase comfort and convenience. With a wide selection of products available for use inside and outside of your home, here are some questions to consider:

  • Do you have trouble getting in and out of a recliner? Lift chairs that help you get in and out are both functional and attractive. With two, three, and infinite position models available, you can find a chair that matches your living room, allows you to be comfortable, and helps you stand up when you need to move to another room or answer the door. Many of these chairs have a cost comparable to the quality furniture, but Medicare can help offset the cost.
  • Do the stairs in your home make it difficult to get to your bedroom or bathroom? If you have a two-story home, a stair lift can help you traverse between floors with ease. These devices attach to the side of your staircase and may even fold up so that they do not make the stairs difficult to use for other family members. There are a variety of models available for straight or curved stairs, as well as ones with landings.
  • Is bathing a challenge? If so, a walk-in bathtub can provide you with a safe and comfortable bathing experience. If the cost and installation challenges of a walk-in bathtub do not fit your situation, bath lifts, available at the cost of a few hundred dollars, offer an excellent alternative.
  • Is getting outside difficult due to steps? A handicapped ramp can be a simple solution to getting from your home to level ground, but ramps take considerable yard space. A vertical lift operates like an elevator outside your home and can easily help you bypass stairs at your entryway or deck.
  • Do you need a better way to get around inside and outside? If you want to go beyond the convenience of a power wheelchair, a mobility scooter can increase your freedom. Available in different sizes, you can find a model that will fit your home or equip you to travel longer distances outside.

Obtaining the Mobility Devices You Need

While many of these devices can assist with improved mobility, determining what would best serve you and financing the purchase can be challenging. By working with an experienced provider of mobility products like Western Stairlifts, you can find out what products meet your needs, learn about available sources of financing, and be assured of excellent installation. If you want improved mobility in 2016, now is the time to plan for the acquisition of some aids to help you.

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