Mr Brown’s Wheelchair Platform Lift

I worked on a project several months ago with the department of Utah Housing in the Salt Lake City area. The project involved our Harmar Vertical Platform Lift to help transport a 35 year old man who got hit by a car when he was only 7 years old. His name is Mr Brown and he has been confined to his wheelchair since the accident which left him wheelchair bound for life. We were honored that we had the opportunity to help Mr Brown out with his mobility/accessibility need. The project consisted of installing a wheelchair platform lift from the driveway ground up 96″ to a door cut into the side of his house leading into his bedroom. Me and my Installer Brandon my son did the installation together. This was the exciting part of what we do at Western Stairlifts, being involved with the installation and seeing how much excitement it brings to our customer to see what a difference we make in their lives. After the installation was completed, it was now time for Mr. Brown to try out his new lift. As he entered the lift with his powered wheelchair I could feel the emotions were running high with both Mr Brown and me. After entering the lift he began to elevate the platform and at that moment tears came to Mr Browns eyes as he was overwhelmed that he was now independent to get in and out of his new home on his own. It gave me such a warm feeling knowing how much of a difference I made in his life and a couple of tears came to my eyes as I watched. It was around 15-20 minute before I left his home.  He was so excited with his new vertical platform lift that he road it up and down the whole time I was there. He was actually still riding as I drove away. To me, this is the most satisfying career I could have chosen and sharing it with the family.

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