The Importance Of Power Chair Lifts for The Elderly

Having a power lift chair is beneficial for those who have mobility issues. Lift chairs in Salt Lake City make it easier to come out of a chair from a sitting position, or to sit down if you’re standing up. When people get older, their physical agility is compromised. Whether it’s from age-related conditions, injuries, or muscle damage, home care products like power lift chairs are a force multiplier for those that require the assistance. Sitting down demands that a person uses a lot of their core muscles in their hips and legs to complete the movement. With the help of a quality lift chair in Salt Lake City, your elderly loved ones will have a much easier time in using the accessories in their home

Quality Of Lift Chairs in Salt Lake City

A high-quality power lift chair will gently assist the user in getting up and down from the unit. It does this without aggravating the core muscle groups. These accessories will also do wonders in enhancing the mental fortitude of your loved ones. It can help them to regain their independence as this technology doesn’t require them to ask others for help to properly use it. For your family members who work with home health aides such as nurses or professional caregivers, the assistance from the chair will prevent the caregiver from hurting themselves for the sake of your safety.

Power lift chairs have the look and feel of conventional reclining chairs, except these units have a powerful electric motor that controls the mechanisms. There are hand controls that allow the user to select a speed and angle that is the most comfortable for them.

Key Benefits of Power Lift Chairs

Power lift chairs will give consumers peace of mind, allowing them to enjoy the simplicities of life in the comfort of their own home. Lift chairs provide a host of benefits for its users and studies have shown that the continued use of these chairs will increase comfort and mitigate pain.

The following are examples of the many benefits that come from regular use of lift chairs:

  • Less susceptible to injuries
  • Resurgence of independence
  • Elevating your legs will cut down on swelling
  • Easy transfer from chair to wheelchairs
  • Ideal surface for napping (especially for certain lift chairs that can go into the zero gravity position)
  • Added comfort

Other studies have indicated that seniors who are frequently using these chairs, will have an easier time in building muscle tone. This is because of the reduced skeletal joint fatigue.

Purchasing Your Lift Chairs In Salt Lake City

If you’re considering purchasing a lift chair for your loved ones who are going through a transition in their lives, then look no further than Western Stair Lifts. We offer two, three, and infinite position lift chairs for our customers. Our expansive collection of inventory gives consumers options based on their individual needs and desires. For more information on our products, you can contact us today to learn more about our services!

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