Curved Staircase? Our Stair Lifts Can!

You might be surprised to know that quite a few homeowners, who would really benefit from a stairlift, think that because their staircase is curved, fitting a stair lift is an impossibility. Happily that’s not the case as there are now stair lifts to fit any type of straight or curved, indoor or outdoor staircase, so everyone is now free to enjoy the safety and convenience of a stair lift in their own homes.

Ride the Curve on a Harmar Stair Lift

We love fitting stairlifts and as an authorized dealer of Harmar stairlifts, we are lucky to be able to provide our customers with some of the best straight and curved stair lifts around.

Each and every stair lift evaluation and install is as unique as the staircase in your home, simply because we have to ensure that your new stair lift fits your staircase perfectly. Poorly fitted stair lifts not only make people’s lives more difficult, but also pose a risk to their safety too, so you can see how crucial the evaluation stage is to getting the best fit possible.

At Western Stairlifts, we stock a great selection of curved stair lifts that can be custom fitted to accommodate even 90 to 180 turns and even spiral stairs. Let us tell you that in addition to giving you your independence back, ascending a spiral or curved staircase on one of our stair lifts can be a lot of fun too!

Arrange a Stairlift Evaluation for a Curved Staircase

We make sure that we can equip any home with an affordable stair lift that will improve the homeowner’s mobility and give them that all-important sense of independence back again.

When you call us to book your complimentary in-home evaluation, we’ll measure your staircase and assess your mobility needs by asking you a few questions. Your new stairlift and curved tracks will be made to order following our evaluation, giving you complete peace of mind.

Our streamlined measurement and design process means that we will be able to fit your customized Harmar stair lift in no time, with minimal fuss and no mess.

Why Harmar?

Western Stairlifts made the decision to become an authorized dealer of Harmar stair lifts, because we want to give out clients access to the best stair lifts on the market today! Harmar offers so many options when it comes to customizing straight, curved, indoor and outdoor stair lifts that they were the obvious choice for us. Not only that, the stair lifts we offer have a small footprint, are incredibly affordable and made in America.

If you have a curved staircase and would like to know more about our stair lifts, call us today on 801-386-2408 to schedule your free evaluation.

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