Improve your blood circulation from your wheelchair, lift chair, stair lift or mobility scooter with our top tips

We all know how important it is to maintain good blood circulation, but what happens if you are forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle due to mobility issues? If you are confined to a wheelchair or sit for long periods of time in a lift chair, there are easy exercises that you can do every day that will get your circulation going and give you a workout too! In this series of posts, we’ll explain why keeping your blood circulating is key to your mobility and how you can incorporate some exercise into your routine.

Why is circulation important?

Most of us have felt the symptoms of reduced blood circulation at some point in our lives. You may have suffered from circulatory issues if you’ve ever experienced: numbness or loss of sensation in your extremities; cold hands, feet and toes; dizzy spells; swelling of your fingers, feet or ankles; cramps; and, pins and needles. If you lead a sedentary life, the chance of poor circulation increases. The good news is that there are some easy fixes, so read on to find out how you can make small changes that will start boosting your blood flow from today.

7 ways to improve your circulation

We’re going to let you in on a few secrets that are not only super easy to do, but also have a great impact on your circulation and health.

1. Get active

Sitting (or standing) for long periods of time is never good. To get your blood flowing, you need to move. So every time you are sitting in your lift chair or on the sofa, try to change your position regularly. If you are able to, get out of your lift chair and stretch your legs. The more you move, the better for your circulation.

2. Assume the correct sitting position

Sitting positions aren’t created equal folks, so make sure you aren’t restricting your blood flow. Crossing your legs is a no-no in the world of good blood circulation, so try to suppress your leg crossing ways if possible. The best way to sit is with your legs hip-width apart. If you can raise your legs slightly with the help of your lift chair, recliner or a footstool, that’s even better.

3. Keep clothing loose

It’s not just crossed legs that can restrict blood flow, your clothes can too. Take a look at what you wear. Does your belt dig in? Are your socks leaving marks on your skin? If you think that some of your clothes could be doing more harm than good, get rid of them. Your circulation is far more important.

4. Compress those legs

There are certain items of clothing that are your circulation’s BFF. Compression socks really can be a life saver as they keep your blood flowing right down to your toes. Invest in a pair if you feel like your circulation needs a boost.

5. Shake it

Put some music on and shake whatever you can from the comfort of your lift chair. Move your arms, legs, ankles, feet, toes and fingers to the beat to get blood rushing to your extremities to join the party.

6. Get serious about your diet

Healthy blood needs a healthy lifestyle. We recommend that you have a chat with your doctor to work out where you can make changes that will improve your overall health. A few easy changes for improved circulation include staying hydrated and restricting high-fat foods.

7. Quit smoking

Okay, the dangers of smoking are well-known, but we want to stress the artery damaging effect cigarettes can have. If your arteries are clogged, your circulation will suffer.

Next time, we’ll take a look at some simple exercises you can do from the comfort of your lift chair, wheelchair, walk-in tub or bed. If you’d like to learn more about our range, please give us a call on 801-386-2408 or, better still, come down to see us in the Western Stairlifts’ Midvale showroom!

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