3 Ways to Improve the Safety of Your Bathroom for Seniors

As your elderly relatives age, they will eventually face more mobility challenges in and around your home. The bathroom will be particularly harder for them. From the slippery surfaces to the use of facilities, you must take extra caution when letting them use the bathroom.

Your elderly loved ones know the dangers of the bathroom all too well, so you have to address it as soon as you can. Don’t wait until they accidentally slip or fall before you make modifications or adjustments to your bathroom. There are a few ways that you can ensure their safety. Here are some improvements you can make in the bathrooms of your home.

Put a shower chair

Whether you have a shower or a bathtub, a shower chair can prevent slips and falls since your senior relative won’t spend too much time standing when taking a bath. This simple chair will allow them to just sit and be comfortable under the shower or running water. These surfaces can get so slippery, so it’s best to ensure they’re stable and secure there.

A shower chair, especially one with rubber tips, will help seniors with difficulty balancing. It can also help them rest after standing for quite a while. This little modification will go a long way with helping them be more at ease in the bathroom.

Install some grab bars

It’s not just the shower or bathtub that could use modifications. You need to ensure that your senior loved ones will be secure when they use the toilet or the sink. These could also pose risks of slipping and falling. To prevent this, putting grab bars that they can hold onto to keep themselves upright will definitely help.

Grab bars will also benefit senior adults with poor balance. Whether they’re getting in and out of the bathtub or standing up from the toilet, these grab bars will help keep them steady. It’s the solution to clinging onto towel bars that might not be able to support their weight and cause worse accidents.

Upgrade to a walk-in tub

If you want to go the extra mile, installing a brand new walk-in bathtub can be the answer. This will eliminate the risk of slipping when your senior relative climbs into the tub. These tubs have doors that allow safe entry and exit for the user.

A walk-in tub also allows them to be more independent when taking care of themselves. These tubs are also usually the same size as conventional bathtubs so it’s easy to switch to one even with limited space.

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