3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Mobility Scooter

In the previous blog, we talked about how a mobility scooter will benefit your senior loved one. This week, let’s go further by discussing the questions you need to ask before buying one.

A mobility scooter is a great investment if you want to help a senior loved one enjoy some independence in their old age. It has become a popular accessibility solution for the elderly with limited mobility.

But did you know that not all senior citizens are advised to use mobility scooter? There are a handful of considerations you need to take note of before making this medical and lifestyle choice for them.

You have to understand the different factors that will contribute to your decision to purchase a mobility scooter. From its size to its uses, you need to make sure that your pick will check all the boxes of your requirements.

Read on to learn about three considerations you need to take note of before buying a mobility scooter.

Your senior loved one’s physical capacity

Did you know that you can’t just get a scooter for all senior adults? Ensuring your elderly relative’s strength to be able to operate a mobility scooter is essential.

You need to find out if they are capable of sitting upright for long periods of time, and can handle operating handles to steer and control the scooter. Dexterity and endurance are important. If they can handle it, that will make them a good candidate for a mobility scooter.

Some seniors have special seating requirements and health concerns that might not make them suitable scooter users. You can look at other options for them, like an electric wheelchair.

The scooter’s weight capacity

Once you’ve determined that your senior loved one is capable of operating a mobility scooter, it’s time to choose one that fits them perfectly. Ensuring their comfort is important, so purchasing a scooter that’s just the right size is crucial.

You need to pick a scooter that will be able to handle their weight and accommodate their height. In addition, you also need to consider the weight of the items that you anticipate they will be carrying on their mobility scooter.

If you think that the projected weight will be too close to the scooter model’s maximum capacity, choose one that’s from a size up. Your senior loved one will most likely gain weight as well, especially when they start riding often, so keep that in mind.

Where your senior loved one will be riding the scooter

A lot of factors will play into considering where your senior relative will use their mobility scooter. First, you think about the area they live in. Do they have enough space to go around their home in a scooter?

Consider their outdoor environment as well. Are there paved or rough roads around or outside their home? Can a mobility scooter fit on their sidewalk, or will they need to drive on the road?

Think about how they will use their scooter as well. Will they be going out shopping and doing errands on it? Will you be taking them on trips where they can bring their mobility scooter?

Keeping all of these in mind, it’s time to pick a scooter that will fit all of your requirements. You can choose from folding or traveller scooters, whichever will suit your senior loved one’s needs.

If you want to learn more about scooters, you may contact Western Stairlifts at (801) 386-2408. We will be happy to help you choose from our selection of mobility scooter models available.

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