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harmar-authorized-dealer-logoDo the stairs in your home create a challenge for you or your loved ones? If so, we can help you manage them easily with a stair lift. Whether it’s a straight or curved stairway, our stair lifts will restore your independence to travel up and down them with great ease and safety. You can also use our stair lifts to transport your groceries or laundry from one floor to another. Our stair lifts are battery-operated to ensure safe transportation in case of power failure. We provide a free in-home evaluation to determine the right lift for your needs, making your buying experience simple and worry-free.

We also service and install every stair lift we sell, and we’re only a call away whenever you need our help. Our family-owned and operated business with over 20 years of experience strives to give you complete peace of mind, from deciding which stair lift to use, to installation, to maintenance. Contact us today for your free in-home evaluation. We guarantee that it’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Our goal is to help you reclaim your independence!


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The Pinnacle is the true essence of an affordable and necessary luxury. It is the slimmest and most lightweight stair lift on the market, folding up to take just 11″ of staircase width.

Although exceptionally compact, the Pinnacle boasts a 350lb (160 kg) capacity with a wide, comfortable seat that swivels at the top landing to aid in safely entering and exiting the lift. Safety sensors prevent the lift from running if the seat is not in the proper position or if something is blocking the stairway or track.

The Pinnacle’s patented helical worm gear drive system requires less energy to operate and can make up to 40 trips should the power go out. Its unique drive system does not require any messy greases or lubricants!

  • Narrowest stair lift in the industry – only 10.5” wide when footrest and seat are folded!
  • Lightest unit on the market – entire system weighs only 180 lbs installed (including 16’ of track)
  • Swivel seat at upper landing, for easy and safe, entry and exit
  • Easy operating controls and indicator lights
  • Patented helical worm gear drive system for extremely smooth ride
  • Operable in a power outage – up to 40 trips!
  • Comfortable seat with height adjustment
  • Safety sensors will stop the lift if it meets an obstruction
  • No greases or lubricants; easy to vacuum and keep clean
  • 3-Year warranty on components, 10-Year on gear rack, 1-Year on batteries
  • Easy, 1 person installation (Harmar recommends that all stair lifts are professionally installed)
  • Made in the USA

  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs (160kg)
  • Electrical requirements: 115 VAC
  • Operation power: 24V DC Battery
  • Travel distance: 16 ft is standard; lengths available up to 75 ft
  • Speed: 17-21 ft/minute
  • Incline limits: 27 – 52 degrees
  • Drive system: Polymer worm/worm-rack
  • Motor output speed at rated load: 62 rpm
  • Motor output torque at rated load: 18 lb ft
  • Motor output amps at rated load: 14 Amps
  • Track (rail) type: Extruded aluminum
  • Average return trips per charge: 20 – 40 (varies with load, length)
  • Switchable arms (Left or right hand operation): Yes
  • Need to open chassis to install or change sides: No

The Helix Curved Stair Lift offers a narrow profile that mounts closer to the wall, with tighter bends. The ride is ultra smooth and whisper quiet!

Manufactured in the United States, every Helix CSL500 is engineered and built to order. Each custom stairlift is unique to the home and stairway it is installed to. This custom design allows the Helix stairlift to have a smaller footprint, quicker install, and outstanding performance.

The build and delivery methods also allow installers to work more quickly and efficiently when they arrive at your home. The lift can be installed with minimal disruptions to your routine.

The Helix is perfect for a stairway with a 90-degree turn, 180-degree turn, or even a spiral staircase, and can even accomodate multi-story applications. Its ergonomically designed seat features swivel seat and flip-up arms to make entry and exit easier.

Custom color and fabric options are available to help make the Helix Curved Stair Lift a tasteful addition to any home.

  • Narrower profile
  • Extremely quiet, smooth ride
  • True-Curve rail with advanced bending technology creates smoother turns
  • Supportive, ergonomic seating
  • Simple-connect rails and lighter chassis for easy installation

  • Drive System: Rack & Pinion Gear
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 350 lbs. ((159 kg.)
  • Track (rail) Type: Steel, Powder Coated
  • Travel: 20′ standard; 164′ Maximum
  • Average Number of Return Trips per Charge: 10
  • Lift Mounts to Step or Wall: Steps
  • Minimum Folded Width: 14.37″
  • Speed: 20 ft. / min.
  • Electrical Requirements: 120V – 220V AC
  • Operation Power: 24V DC Battery
  • Safety Devices: Safety Edges: Overspeed Governor; Emergency Stop

Weather-proofed to withstand the elements. Harmar’s Outdoor Stair Lift is engineered with a durable extruded aluminum track and marine-grade vinyl seating to handle rain, wind, snow, and temperatures from 0° to 125° degrees. It includes header, internal chassis, and large weatherproof covers for even more protection.

  • Header cover, internal chassis cover and a large weatherproof cover included
  • Rocker controls with constant-pressure functionality stop the lift immediately if the control is released
  • Mounts to the stairs (not the wall) on either side of staircase
  • Operates on standard 115 VAC household current
  • Extruded aluminum track is available in custom lengths
  • Seat and footrest fold to save space
  • Seat cushions in exterior marine grade vinyl
  • Separate controls at top and bottom of stairs
  • Upholstery Colors: Light Almond, Evergreen, Mocha
  • Made in the USA

  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs (160 kg); 250 lbs.over 20 ft.
  • Power source: 115 VAC
  • Seat size: 19” W x 14” D x 14” T
  • Travel distance: 16 ft standard; available up to 25 ft
  • Speed: 20 fpm
  • Incline limits: 30 – 45 degrees
  • Drive system: Cable Drive
  • Track (rail) type: Extruded Aluminum
  • Safety Devices: Limit Switches; Final Limit Switch; Slack Cable Brake w/ Switch; Footrest Obstruction Switch; Swivel Seat Cut-off Switch; Constant Pressure Controls
  • Warranty: 2-year on components

Harmar delivers an industry-leading 600-pound capacity with the Pinnacle™ SL600HD stair lift. Extending the many benefits of the Pinnacle’s patented Worm Drive, the SL600HD features a premium ride, little to no maintenance, comfortable seating, and ease of access with a 85° swivel — now with extraordinary lifting capacity.

  • Industry-best 600 lbs capacity
  • Up to 40-feet of travel
  • Contoured 25-inch wide seat with extra-high moulded seatback and attractive upholstry
  • Heavy duty seat, arm and foot rest frames
  • Integrated, easy to use constant pressure control switch
  • 85° swivel at upper and lower landings
  • Non-handed for easy change to right or left side configuration
  • 3-Year warranty on parts, 10-Year on gear rack, 1-Year on batteries

SL660HD-Pinnacle-Heavy-Duty-Stair-Lift SL660HD-180x170

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