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Vertical Platform Lifts

Loss of personal mobility and independence are two of the greatest challenges that seniors commonly face. Whether suffering from degenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s or contending with arthritis and any other conditions that make it difficult to move and change elevations, vertical platform lifts could be the best solution. These devices give people an increased range of motion, greater ease in conducting important day to day tasks and access to an improved quality of life overall.

Overcoming Barriers Both Inside And Out

When relying on companies like Western Stairlifts, consumers can radically transform their homes in terms of accessibility and functionality, without having any major impact on property aesthetics. This is because vertical platform lifts are both durable and portable and thus, they can be used indoors and out and transported to other places should seniors opt to travel and spend time visiting with family members. In addition to being safe and effective, these lifts are also designed to be highly economical, making them accessible to a diverse range of individuals with an equally diverse range of needs. Barriers such as porches, interior staircases and even decks can be overcome with minimal effort when quality, vertical stairlifts are in place.

Maintaining Greater Levels Of Personal Independence

With the right technologies, aging adults can continue doing more for themselves and can look forward to a lesser reliance upon hired staff or devoted family members. This fact is critical in helping seniors stave off common feelings of depression, which often arise as people find themselves becoming more physically dependent upon others. Vertical platform lifts significantly enhance the viability of wheelchairs and scooters by allowing consumers to use this equipment on all levels of the home. Thus, whether bathrooms, bedrooms or dining rooms are upstairs or down, seniors can continue maintaining their normal and known routines without being disrupted by changes in personal mobility. Should seniors opt to downsize their homes and move in with family members or simply take on smaller abodes, their stairlifts can move with them, ensuring that accessibility remains high, irrespective of the barriers that might be present in their new locations.


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