As people age, getting from one place to the next often becomes challenging. This is especially true when there are multiple levels in the home or various obstacles such as porches, stairwells and even decks. Vertical platform lifts and stairlifts make it possible for seniors and others with challenged mobility to quickly and easily move from one elevation to the next. Whether living alone or with others, these units make it possible for aging adults to retain their independence and continue living normal and happy lives.

How Vertical Platform Lifts Work

A vertical platform lift does not require any major home alterations. Unlike stairlifts, these units are portable and free-standing. Thus, they do not have to be installed on stairwells. Moreover, they can be used to safely lift various designs of mobility chairs, scooters and wheelchairs.

Taking Vertical Platform Lifts With You

A person’s golden years can be a time of major change. While many aging adults work hard to retain their personal independence, there may come a time when these individuals must rely on family members. When moving into new residences, they will find that their vertical lifts are sufficiently versatile and safe for use in their new environments. When installing a stairlift, it is important to make certain that the chair is level with the rail and that all components have been properly attached as per manufacturer recommendations. With vertical lifts, however, there is no install process to worry about. These must simply be placed on a solid, sturdy and level surface and within an appropriate distance away from the barricade that is to be bypassed.

Seniors everywhere are relying on vertical platform lifts to help them get onto porches and decks and get around other interior and exterior barricades. With these, no portion of the home is off limits. They make it possible for elderly adults to socialize with other family members, maintain their normal routines and navigate their abodes without an extraordinary amount of assistance. Given their portability and ease of use, they also make it possible for people to overcome numerous barricades throughout the interior and exterior of the abode, without having to invest in a broad range of equipment and devices.