A vehicle platform lift is a mechanism used to lift mobility products such as wheelchairs off of the ground to easily enter a vehicle. Individuals with restricted mobility can greatly benefit from a vehicle platform lift because it makes entering and exiting a vehicle safer and easier. There are many models available ranging in size, design and functionality. Over the years vehicle platform lifts have become quite advanced. There are two basic types available are exterior and interior lifts. The type chosen depends on the vehicle as well as how much you would like to spend.

Exterior vehicle platform lifts are mounted to the hitch receiver on a vehicle. Installation is usually simple and inexpensive. Best of all, very few vehicle modifications are required. To use, first unfold the lift manually. Then the motor has to be used to lower it to the ground, the wheelchair or scooter can take its place on the platform and secured before being lifted. Interior models store the mobility product to be stored in the interior or trunk. High end models even allow the user to remain in the chair the entire time. With interior vehicle platform lifts the exterior of the vehicle remains unchanged and the wheelchair or scooter is protected from the elements.

There are numerous benefits to vehicle platform lifts. Not only does it provide those with limited mobility easy access to their vehicle but they are very functional. Completing daily tasks such as shopping to commuting to work is no longer a challenge. Aside from that, vehicle transport lifts are becoming more and more affordable.

Overall, vehicle platform lifts are devices used to help those with restricted mobility easily enter and exit a vehicle while providing storage for their wheelchair. There are two basic types available which are interior and exterior models. Both have their pros and cons but making the choice to have one installed is greatly beneficial.