Now that you know more about the different types of stair lifts, we’re going to take a closer look at its different features. If you are planning to have a stair lift installed in your home, you also have to know what specifications it should have.

You need to be conscientious enough to know that the stair lift you will get has the right features for the user’s needs. You have to ensure that your family member who will use it is secure every time. When you decide to get a stair lift installed, it’s best to ask for recommendations from us and we’ll tell you what will suit your needs. We can show you the safety features of each stair lift model as well. More features can be found at Wikipedia.

Let’s go through some of the key features you have to take note of when choosing a stair lift. For more details on how to setup your stair lift checkout this article.

Remote controls

Stair lifts have on and off buttons on the carriages themselves. It also has controls for going up or down, usually on the ends of arm rests. Stair lifts also come with remote controls which a person can use when calling the lift from one floor to another. The remote control can also be used to help the stair lift save power remotely by turning it off or letting it charge.


This can be checked across different components of the stair lift. Some can have a folded or perched seat which can be stowed away to allow the person to use the stair lift as a standing platform. Stair lifts also have adjustable back and footrests to allow maximum ease and convenience for the user.

Swivel ability

A swiveling seat on a stair lift allows the user to get in and out safely and easily. The person can also turn their seat toward the direction they want to go either by hand or with their movement sitting. Being able to turn while on the stair lift will allow them to communicate with family members or caregivers.

Safety features

A stair lift needs safety features to make sure the user is secure and won’t end up getting injured while using the device. Some stair lifts have more of these compared to others. Look out for safety sensors, which detect obstacles on the device’s path, and stops the device from moving until the path is clear. Check if a stair lift also has pressure-sensitive controls that will stop the lift. Strong cables are definitely a requirement for your device.

Thankfully, our Harmar stair lifts have a lot of all the features you may look for in a stair lift. They are one of the top stair lift brands in the country, and we carry different types of their stair lifts depending on your needs. Talk to us and get a free evaluation from Western Stairlifts today!