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  • GATEWAY™ Solid Surface Portable Ramp Spec Sheet

    • Lightweight, Heavy-Duty Aluminum

      The lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum means you don't have to worry about maintenance and ensures the Gateway Solid Surface Portable Ramp can be used in even the harshest of weather conditions. The lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum is more durable than wood, allowing you to repeatedly use the ramp every day without worrying about deterioration.
    • No Assembly

      The one-piece design of the Gateway Solid Surface Portable Ramp means no assembly is required. All you have to do is set it in place and it's ready for use.
    • Slip-Resistant Surface

      Designed with a permanent, extruded slip-resistant surface, the Gateway Solid Surface Portable Ramp makes sure that wheels don't lose traction, removing the worry of wheels slipping on the ramp.

    The Aluminum Advantage

    The decision on whether to install an aluminum accessibility solution or build a wood ramp can be a difficult one. However, aluminum ramps have many advantages over their wooden counterparts.

    • Virtually maintenance free
    • Will not rot or rust
    • Easy assembly with minimal tools
    • Environmentally friendly
    • An asset that can be reused, recycled, or moved to another location if needed.

    Quick Specs

    • Welded aluminum construction
    • Ramps feature a standard width of 36 inches
    • Permanent (extruded) slip-resistant surface
    • Weight capacity of 850 pounds
    • Available in 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, 9-, & 10-foot lengths.
    Gateway render 2-82 Gateway 4-82 Gateway 5-82 Gateway 6-82

  • PATHWAY® Modular Access System Spec Sheet

    • Multiple Configurations

      The Pathway Modular Access System allows for infinite modular ramp configurations, creating safe and seamless access for both standard and unique entryways.
    • Durable and Safe

      The Pathway Modular Access System is made of high-strength aluminum which will not deteriorate from the outdoor elements and features a slip-resistant surface that maintains traction in any weather condition.
    • Quick Installation

      The Pathway Modular Access System installs quickly, which means minimal disruption for you and your family. Typically, a 24-foot system can be installed, including handrails, in less that 30 minutes.
    • Aluminum Advantage

      There are many advantages to the aluminum Pathway Modular Access System over its wooden counterparts. It is virtually maintenance free, it will not rot or rust, and its environmentally friendly.
    • Hassle-Free Design

      The Pathway Modular Access System will not affect your home's property value. The Pathway does not alter or add to the structure of the residence - no poured footers, no construction - just assembly.

    The specifications for the PATHWAY® Modular Ramp System vary, depending on the configuration. This all-aluminum modular entryway mobility ramp is easy to install and will last much longer than wooden entryway mobility ramps of similar design. See the Pathway Modular Ramp System specifications below.

    Made of aluminum
    Slip-resistant surface
    Weight capacity (lbs.)
    Standard widths (in)
    36 & 48
    48, 60 & 72
    Standard lengths (ft)
    2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10
    45 Degree Turn-41 90 Degree Turn-41 Large System-41 Pathway Modular Access System-41 Small System-41 Straight Run-41 41_941da152b47a31a1ab7cda278ad20328 pathway3-41 pathway11-41 pathway7-41

  • SUITCASE® Singlefold AS Ramp Spec Sheet

    • Suitcase Ramp Hinge Separation

      By simply removing the hinge pins, the Suitcase Singlefold AS Ramp separates into two easy-to-carry sections.
    • Ergonomically Designed Handles for Suitcase Ramp Sections

      Another feature to make the Suitcase Singlefold AS Ramp easier to carry is the ergonomically designed handles. These handles are flexible, non-breakable, and offer ultimate comfort when carrying your Suitcase ramp sections.
    • Slip-Resistant Surface for Suitcase Ramp

      The surface of the Suitcase Singlefold AS Ramp features an applied, slip-resistant surface.
    • Self-Adjusting Bottom Transition for Suitcase Ramp

      To make conversion from portable ramp to ground, the Suitcase Singlefold AS Ramp offers self-adjusting bottom transition plates, which independently adjust to the ground surface.

    Suitcase Singlefold AS Ramp is strong, safe, easy to carry and comes in five different sizes from two feet to 6 feet in length. Browse the Suitcase Singlefold AS Ramp specifications and contact EZ-ACCESS with any questions!

    Made of aluminum
    Slip-resistant surface
    Built-in carrying handle
    Usable size
    Folded size (in) ( L x W x H )
    Weight ( lbs.)*
    6 each (2 sections)
    8 each (2 sections)
    10 each (2 sections)
    13 each (2 sections)
    15 each (2 sections)
    Weight capacity ( lbs.)
    For wheelchairs & scooters
    Usage guidelines **
    Curbs, 1 step
    Curbs, 1 step
    Curbs, 1-2 steps
    Curbs, 1-2 steps, some minivans
    1-3 steps, some minivans & SUVs
    * Weights are approximate and may vary. ** Consult your equipment's owner guide for proper degree of incline. Never exceed its recommendations.
    suitcaseAS3-27 suitcaseAS5-27 suitcaseAS8-27 suitcaseAS9c-27