Reconditioned Stairlift Saint George, Utah

//Reconditioned Stairlift Saint George, Utah
Reconditioned Stairlift Saint George, Utah2016-03-28T09:55:45-06:00

Project Description

Reconditioned Acorn stairlift installed in Saint George, Utah for the Parkinson family. Now Mr and Mrs Parkinson can once again safely use their stairs worry free. A stairlift is designed to transport people safely up and down the stairs. They also come in handy to carry things like bags of salt, groceries, cloths baskets and much more up and down the steps. They come with two remote control call/send stations to call or send the chair up and down. Our reconditioned stairlift also comes standard with a one year parts and labor warranty. We also install and service everything we sell. Buy local and buy a piece of mind.

Project Details