Curved Stairlift Solutions Sandy, Utah

//Curved Stairlift Solutions Sandy, Utah
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Project Description

When faced with a curved stair case, you could consider having two straight stair lifts installed as an alternative to purchasing an expensive curved stair lift. If you have a flat landing at least 36″ x 36″ separating the two stairs you could consider this inexpensive alternative. These two VantAge stair lifts were installed in a Draper, Utah home as an alternative to installing an expensive curved stair lift. The home owners mother in law/mother is living in there basement and was struggling with the stairs, I meet with them and educated on the two options available to them. They decided two straight stair lifts would be the best alternative. Now their Mother/Mother in law has re-claimed her independence to handle the stairs. This is a great curved stairlift soluion.

Project Details