Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters have been around since the 1950’s. Throughout the decades they have greatly improved models to be a great advantage for those who need help getting around but still want some freedom to do the things they love. Mobility scooters are not just for seniors but for anyone who has a disability that prevents them from being as mobile as they would like. The decision to purchase a mobility scooter is often brought up and what the pros and cons are to purchasing one.


  • Gives the freedom and independence to shop in stores, go around your neighborhood and get around your home with ease.
  • Helpful for those who have lack of mobility in the arms or have problems using a wheel chair due to
  • They run on electricity making it an affordable and great economical choice.
  • Many insurance companies now cover partial or whole costs of a mobility scooter.


  • Cost if not paid by insurance company can be expensive. Costs can range from the hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  • Due to the fact that mobility scooters sit low to the ground, curbs can cause a big issue. This can make traveling or shopping a problem in many cases.
  • Navigating in shopping isles may cause a problem since mobility scooters are often wide and isles are narrow.

Mobility scooters have become widely popular and are used by many with a variety of problems. Stores often have a few of them available for shopping use at the entrance for those who need them. With models becoming more advanced and efficient with each passing year, for many the investment in purchasing a mobility scooter is a smart decision. The reason to purchase a mobility scooter is not just about getting freedom to go places you could not go in a wheel chair. It is about allowing an individual who has had their independence taken from them from a disability or age, to show the world they are not to be left behind. It will help build confidence and give the individual an understanding of acceptance. Many people with disabilities today are left feeling that that they are confined to their home and their freedom has been taken from them. The mobility scooter allows them to feel once again connected to the outside world.