If you’ve been recently disabled or require mobility assistance, one of the biggest adjustments to make is that you need assistance to do every day things. Most people take simple things like bathing, entering and exiting vehicles, and climbing stairs for granted. For the disabled, such as someone in a wheelchair, these once normal activities require the help of family or other caretakers. Being able to reclaim any amount of independence is a very big deal for most disabled people. One way to gain this freedom is through technology of mobility devices such as a walk in bath, a vehicle lift, and stair lifts. These tools can be life altering for any disabled person, vastly improving your quality of life.

Walk In Bathtubs

A walk in bathtub is a bathtub with a self-sealing door that allows a person to enter and exit the tub without having to step over the often hazardous high wall that a bathtub needs. This is a huge advantage to anyone with hip or knee problems, or any permanent injury. Some of the concerns to take into account are that the tubs are large and require a bigger footprint. Also because of the size, a larger water heater might be needed. The safety advantages and ease of use of a walk-in tub usually outweigh these negatives for many people.

Stair Lifts

A stair lift is any electric motorized chair that can lift a person up and down a flight of stairs on a track. The advantages of this are obvious in that it can allow a person to continue living alone in a house that otherwise would be inaccessible to them. It can also prevent falls that would further injure and debilitate a person who was maybe borderline before. The downsides to chair lifts are mainly cost and space related.

Vehicle Lifts

Similar to a stair lift, a vehicle lift is a motorized platform that allows a wheelchair or scooter to be lifted onto a vehicle, almost always a specially modified van. The advantage of allowing a person to enter and exit a vehicle with little assistance is huge with these mobility devices. As expected, the only downside of these devices is the cost of having a vehicle modified or the need to purchase a specially modified vehicle.


Despite the concerns of these mobility devices the life altering freedom, safety, and convenience they can offer are causing millions to opt for them. With such a big market, you might be surprised to find they might actually be far more cost effective than you once thought. Speak with a Western Stairlifts specialist today about your needs and concerns. We ll be happy to help you access the equipment you need.