A Stairlift (also called a chairlift), similar to an elevator, is a lift that can take people up or down stairs with the help of a track or a rail. It comes with a  swivel seat and is run by batteries, having the ability to be controlled by the person using it. The following are a few things you need to know about Stairlifts:

• What is the purpose of a medical Stairlift? – For people who find it difficult to traverse flights of stairs but have to do so on a regular basis, a Stairlift is a handy mechanism for aiding them. It is installed in the homes of many people requiring an easy and quick access to all levels or floors of the home. due to some sort of immobility.

• Who Needs A medical Stairlift? – Stairlifts are not just used by people unable to walk. In fact, many people who use and need Stairlifts can walk fine but require some assistance when they travelling up and down the stairs. Stairlifts are for those who have mobility issues, visual impairment; general losses related to aging and depth perception issues. When stairs become a health risk for frail and aging senior citizens, Stairlifts can be pretty handy.

• Why Choosing the Right Stairlift is Important? – Feasibility of getting a Stairlift installed at your home is an important factor. Apart from that, there are different Stairlifts that cater to different needs for people. Some are more advanced than others and come with handy features. However, they are also costlier. You do not necessarily have to buy the latest and greatest. Depending on your needs, a very simple or basic Stairlift will work just fine. But you should definitely consider all options. If you do not buy the Stairlift that is right for you or your loved one s needs, its purpose would be defeated.

• How to Choose the Right medical Stairlift? – The following factors should be taken into account –

1. Are Your Stairs Straight or Curved?
2. Do you require a seat? If your loved one has problems with their knee or hip, the comfort of the seat becomes important.
3.  Is it made to measure? For ensuring a perfect fit, you must have your Stairlift tailor made.
4.  Make sure it is from a reputable company.
5. Rely on quality of customer service.

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