Your home can be stair lift, wheelchair or walking frame friendly!

Let’s face it, the vast majority of homes in Salt Lake City, in the State of Utah and across the country are not designed in a way that gives easy access to wheelchair users or those with mobility issues. So many standard house plans make no allowances for people who cannot get around without the help of a stair lift or wheelchair, for example. Unfortunately, this can create incredible challenges for homeowners and their families when one of them sustains a serious injury or develops a condition that requires more accessible living spaces. So, what’s the solution?

Easy accessibility changes

Happily, there are quite a few changes that will make an immediate difference for wheelchair users or someone who relies on a frame to get around.

Ramps and wheelchair lifts

We think you’ll agree that independent living starts with being able to get in and out of your home under your own steam. However, that’s easier said than done if you are confined to a wheelchair or find it hard to get up external stairs. Fitting a ramp or external vertical wheelchair lift is the ideal, safe solution to this easy to fix accessibility issue. For a free home evaluation, give the Western Stairlifts Team a call.

Hard vs. soft floors

Carpets and rugs are great, but they aren’t all that wheelchair friendly. Powering over a shag pile carpet feels a little like pushing a wheelchair through sand … got the picture? Fortunately, there are great alternatives out there like hardwood floors or low pile carpet that will keep your home cosy and warm, while allowing your wheelchair to glide from room to room unhindered. Check out your local Utah flooring showrooms for options.

Widen those door frames

Narrow doorways are the bane of wheelchair or walking frame users. Getting stuck in a doorway, hurting your hands as you try to pass through or, even worse, having to stay outside, is no fun at all! Widening the doorways in your home is an easy fix that will make such a difference to anyone who is wheelchair-bound.

Lower switches and handles

Able-bodied people tend to take home accessibility for granted. countertops , switches, shower attachments and handles are all at the perfect, standard level. For people in wheelchairs, the experience of a standard issue home is a little different … You can make life easier by lowering all of the above to a level where you can reach them safely.  

Install a stair lift or home elevator

Getting around the ground floor of your home is one thing, but having free rein over your entire house is what you should be aiming for. By installing a stair lift or home elevator, you’ll be able to get up and downstairs safely whenever you want.

To find out how you can make your home safer and more accessible for people with mobility issues, get in touch with Western Stairlifts today or come down to our showroom in Midvale, Utah.